Christopher While: The Rise And Demise Of Our Favourite Caster

Just where did it all go wrong? I used to love this dude and would defend him against anyone. But now, he’s turned in to some monster. A monster that’s so nasty and so arrogant, that this will be the last post he will ever get on here.

King of Ivlog? King of Vaughn? Sexy? Go back 12 months and maybe he could be described as all of those. Now, he’s more vile than MichelleStacy, and that takes some beating.

Lets take a look back at the Chris we all loved:


Now those are just memories. The Chris we see now is a cruel bullying piece of shit.

We have all seen how he treats his Mother. But it’s not just Mum that gets abused, even his online girlfriend is being taken for her money and then vilified when she refuses.

Here’s Chris, having £8 in his Paypal, and asking for another £2 so he can buy a pizza. When nobody offers, he asks Angel. Bear in mind she had already sent him £110, this nasty piece of work then puts up the meme of her when she was young, and what she looks like now.

Mocking her, saying things like “look at the ugly cunt” he then replies to her pleas to stop making fun of her, by saying send me some money and i will shut up.

Un-fucking believable! But this woman has low self esteem, so to make him stop, she rather stupidly, sends him another £5, making it £115 she has given this idiot.

Let’s see how he appreciates it eh!


What a wanker! You can see he’s trying the exact same tactics that he does with his mum, mentally abuse them till he gets his way.

Lets see how this slob reacts when Angel asks if he’s happy now he’s made her do what he wants.


You seeing what he’s doing here? Mentally abusing this poor woman, just like he does his mum, until he gets what he wants. Then once he has it, like he did there, hangs up, not interested. This guy has turned into the biggest scum on casting sites.

Now this, this has to be heard to be believed. This is delusion with a capital D!


What the fuck is this lad on?

He then goes on to let his mate Ryan abuse and mock her while they are all on Skype. I’m not going to upload the video, as i think this poor woman has been humiliated enough.

But just to confirm what a vile, disgusting creature Chris has turned in to, this is his way of hurting his Mum.






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2 Thoughts to “Christopher While: The Rise And Demise Of Our Favourite Caster”

  1. The Door Knocker

    He has no respect for women at all, what Angel see’s in this nasty abusive vile person i don’t know, he speaks down to her and emotionally bullies her.
    Like the way he speaks to his own Mum, no respect just abusive and putting her down to get his own way.
    And as for the last Video where he chats with Mum, your a dirty Parasite Chris searching for that.

  2. bbb29

    stop B_A_S_H_I_N_G on chriss hes a fucking legend. “KING of cumbria, Beer BARON of Barrow, eyebrowles AYATOLLAH of Ivlog,HONK HONK FUCK OFF FFS!”

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