Thundersnarf: I’m Going To Kick Ryderbaks Head In

Yes, the Bristol bedsit bully is at it again. This guy is all talk and full of shit, we know, but when you have had a bad day, and you need a laugh, you can always rely on this dude.


So he lives in a house, with 4 cctv cameras protecting him and his property, he says. Ok, lets take a look at what we have seen so far. We know he has his bed, computer, tv and wardrobe, all in the same room. Bit strange to cram one room with so much stuff when you have a house, don’t you think?

Even more odd, is when living in a house, you would be so paranoid as to have both an alarm sensor on the door, and a key lock?

thundersnarf's door

Now either he’s extremely paranoid, or he’s in a bedsit, sharing a house with a load of junkies lol.

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized


2 Thoughts to “Thundersnarf: I’m Going To Kick Ryderbaks Head In”

  1. sean

    lmao this is great

  2. Extra Security

    His arm looks a bit on the skinny side there, does look like a bed sit all so has the the wood chip wall paper.

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