RedHawk: Say’s A Little Prayer (kind of)

Why haven’t i watched her casts before? I admit, i misjudged her. The one and only time i’ve seen her cast was for a a minute or so, when she was singing  screeching a Whitney song. So i just assumed she was a karaoke channel.

But our Red does much more than sing, just like Nate the Great, she can read ‘the’ cards. Only difference being, her’s come with a prayer, and her readings are hilarious 🙂

She’s a harmless soul, just utterly bonkers!


She makes me laugh and i like that. We’ll be featuring the lovely Hawk more often i think.




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9 Thoughts to “RedHawk: Say’s A Little Prayer (kind of)”

  1. Ryan

    The one who’s bonkers is you mate, you’re the one pointing fingers at everyone else trying to show flaws that aren’t there just to make yourself feel better. Judging helps no one, it makes you miserable.

    1. Brokenmech

      “Judging helps no one, it makes you miserable”. You said that whilst judging the owner of this blog by calling him “bonkers”. Also in this video she called people that didn’t believe in her beliefs “ignorant” which sounds like judging them to me. She also says she “has a good heart”, people who have good hearts don’t say things like that because it’s in their actions, not words. She gets messages in her brain, that’s called mental illness. You already have someone with a really good heart, and that’s caroline, so why don’t you go over and see her like she deserves?

      1. The definition of “ignorant” is…lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular. i.e., “they were ignorant of astrology”. And for the record, I do have a good heart, it is SHOWN daily to those who visit my broadcast. I AM a spiritually attuned individual, who has been proven to be a REAL “psychic,” one who receives messages from the Divine to pass along to others. You might want to learn a little bit about the psychic world, before placing your own labels on me. https://en.wikipedia.ort/wiki/Psychic, to clear up some of your ignorance about the subject. Have a great day!

        1. Sorry for the typo, that should be,, my fingers sometimes run away from me. Visit the show, you’ll see how. 😉

          1. Sorry about the typo, that should be,, my fingers sometimes run away from me. Visit the show, you’ll see how. ~disregard the last replay~

  2. Rory_Poury

    Oh jesus, she is back! Honestly she is a bit loopy and volatile but she is a sound person deep down.

    1. Hello Rory, and yes, I am back. You can’t keep a good hawk down!!! And as far as me being loopy and volatile, I would consider myself a “mirror”. What you put in front of me, is usually what you will get in return, so with that being said, it’s a character trait, that makes for an interesting broadcaster, online 😉

      1. She’s brilliant isn’t she. As bonkers as you are, i like you 🙂

        1. Karl, one of my many unique attributes, my bonker-ness. The mold was definitely broken, after me. And guess what, I like you too!!! <3

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