Gummo Mocks MichelleStacy lol

She was undoubtedly Social Casting’s most hated person (until the Chris While turnaround) and if you have watched her long enough, you’ll know why. This is a woman who would mock your dead child if you ever fell out with her. She has the morals of a diseased rat, and would stitch you up quicker than you could shout “OI PIGGY”

So it was nice to see somebody dish out some of her own medicine last night. While the reports were flying in ( that’s what she’s good at by the way) and Scruffy ignored all, many of us sat back and enjoyed some poetic justice 🙂

 Aye aye, piggy pie..

Gummo on MS 1

Gummo on MS 2

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

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