Iamsonchild196: Fighting ISIS And Chris Is A Pig!

We documented Anita’s fear of terrorism in Turkey recently, and now she has issued the murderous fanatics a final, chilling warning.


sonchild chris' carer3

sonchild chris' carer4

sonchild chris' carer5

sonchild chris' carer6

sonchild chris' carer7

sonchild chris' carer11

I wouldn’t like to be in their shoes!!

Next, she talks Christopher While. Remember the portrait she sent him?

Sonchild draws Chris

Well, like he does with everything, he smashed it. Sonchild was not too happy…

sonchild chris' carer2

She then brought up the case of Chris needing a carer.

sonchild chris' carer

Eerr, is she trying to tell us something here 😉

Next up, she gives her opinion of Chris’ lifestyle and the relationship with Angel.

sonchild chris' carer1


sonchild chris' carer15

sonchild chris' carer16

I think Anita would make a great Prime Minister.

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One Thought to “Iamsonchild196: Fighting ISIS And Chris Is A Pig!”

  1. Angie2013

    🙁 Anita’s picture ended up getting smashed as well. If you do end up travelling
    stay safe Sonchild.

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