Iamsonchild196: I Sense Danger In Turkey

She is fast becoming my favourite caster/chatter on VaughnLive. You just know that whatever she say’s, or posts, that it will make your day 🙂

Here, Anita does her usual chat bombing, this time in FoxmanShawn’s cast. While everybody else talks about wireless networks and teeth, Anita pops in to inform us of her concerns regarding her family visiting Turkey, and the possibility of an ISIS attack.

sonchild and turkey 1

sonchild and turkey 2

Say what you like about her, but she is brave. Willing to risk her life in the threat of terrorism.

sonchild and turkey 3

 An 80 yr old woman in the middle of a war zone, being vulnerable? Although i’m not sure a holiday resort in Turkey is a war zone, just yet.

sonchild and turkey 4

Ok, who is Angusbarron? own up!

sonchild and turkey 5

Isn’t she just brilliant? Cool, calm and courageous, whether it be the threat of a beheading on holiday, or video’s of her posted online, nothing worries Anita!

The one and only, legendary,


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