Thundersnarf: Please Help Me Stop UKM (Updated)

Oh dear, looks like our Internet bully, turned big girls blouse, is rather upset that we have exposed him as nothing more than the Woman abuser he is.

Mr Matthew Quaye. You have threatened to send your ‘boys’ round to beat up a single woman at home with her kids. You also threatened to beat up Ryderbak. Add to that your recent veiled threat to myself, i would say you are a bit hypocritical to now suddenly claim that you are the victim.

This is how mad our Snarf is lol.

Thundersnarf buthurt

This is how brain dead this guy is. UKM isn’t registered to Cloudflare, Cloudflare simply help protect against DDoS attacks.

Your name, as has been confirmed on your casts by yourself several times, is out in the Public Domain. How do you think people found it?

The best bit for me though, was the fact that old Snarf is so gormless, he even asks Cloudflare what hosting company we are with.

Thundersnarf buthurt2

The link is, and always has been, right at the top of the page.

Mr Quaye, your intelligence is on par with your bravery.

Have fun with our hosts old chap. Or maybe even contact a Solicitor, because the thought of you losing all your money, while the ever increasing costs, and our proof of you threatening a single Mother, will just about finish you sir.


Poor Snarf, he’s been up all night, desperately trying to find a way to stop us exposing his vile behaviour.

Thundersnarf buthurt3

Oh, the old Police one again. Please do. Tell them to email us at [email protected] and we will have all the evidence ready and prepared to respond immediately.

You know, examples of this;

Snarf threatens Ruby 4

Snarf threatens Ruby 3

Although i suspect that you will try and deny that it was you that threatened a single Mother at home with her kids.

Good job we have this too then eh 🙂

* Screenshots and video courtesy of MonkeySniffer and Scuttlescorner.

Then 6 hours later, he’s still demanding that we remove his name from this site.

Thundersnarf buthurt4

Oh Snarfy….

I know you’re not the brightest spark, but please at least do some research before you make these ‘demands’

Demands which i find a bit odd, seeing as you were boasting and doxing JSteveo, Ryderbak, Joe Walsh, and myself in your cast the other night?

Even then, you got all of them bar Ryderbak’s completely wrong lol.

Now please go and waste all your money on your ‘Lawyers’ because the only way your name is being taken off here is if ordered by a Judge, who is under the Netherlands jurisdiction.

*Snarfy holds up the white flag:

I take it from this latest message, that Snarfer’s has contacted our hosts, and politely been told where to go. 🙂

Thundersnarf buthurt5

Before we go any further. Yes, the IP is showing. Only because since yesterday, Snarfy has been using a VPN or Proxy, so that isn’t his real IP 😉

Ok, lets clear some points up here. I can assure you that any trolls or threats you may have been receiving, are not from this website.

Yes, somebody has made a username ‘ukmuppets’ on Vaughn, but i can confirm 100%, that it is not us. If they are trolling people, then it’s up to the casters to ban them. We are not going to report that username to Scruffy for the simple reason being, we couldn’t care less.

What do we hope to achieve by doing this blog?

Believe it or not, we are not here to make you, or anybody else leave Vaughn, or any other website. We are here to enjoy some of the weird and wonderful casters that VaughnLive, and many other  casting sites provide.

We praise the genuinely nice people, we have a good giggle with the nutcase’s, and we also expose the not so nice people, like MichelleStacy, Roco, and yourself included.

If you don’t like what we do, simply don’t be an ass live on cam. It’s not rocket science.

The reason i had to use the screenshots and the video from MonkeySniffer, is because before you started bullying Ruby, i’d never even heard of you.

It was only after that, that i began watching you. So i can assure you that we are not here to dehumanise anybody. But after watching several of your casts, you constantly like to threaten and harass other casters you don’t like.

Finally, we are not stalking you. You choose to put yourself out there in the Public Domain, where people are expected to watch you.

But then again, your ‘Lawyers’ would of told you that already. 😉

Tally ho!

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8 Thoughts to “Thundersnarf: Please Help Me Stop UKM (Updated)”

  1. jstevieo

    fair play for exposing this person for what he is , he casted a 3 +- our show all about how vile a person i was into ponytail-details {lol} and made some horrendus statements tainted with antisemetic tones , then of course shortly after he pulls as always the victim card non stop , what a wuss the bald bully from Bristol bedsitland is – good Job Karl !! kudos btw i dont see ANY Netherlands Judge doing that as everyone KNOWS just where shiney dome lives and what hes called ….izzy from the IoMan , oh boy !! cant make this shit up – obviously an extremely jealous and small minded individual , that alone is obvious from his words and deeds – bullying rooby or any girl/woman in this fashion is just plain SICK ! end of ! once again top notch ownage UKM

  2. Rocky Robin

    I heard he was a bully that Thundersnarf, and this post just proves it.
    He does realise he is on other blogs so if your going to give it out Thundersnarf your going to get attention, especially when you threaten women.

  3. Matthew_quaye _gran

    hahahahahahahahahahah jstevio once again your ranting on about other people when you need to take a good long hard look at yourself .. your comments are quite close to bullying .. what businesss is it of yours what anyone else does i do hope however you read this before next monday so you can spend a good hour slating me on your rather boring cast .. to my granson matthew i love you xx

  4. jstevieo

    you know what comes real close to bullying granny , the above comments made by this bald dude !! 99% of those who are aware of his behaviour found it dispicable and certainly not just a bit of banter or a laugh , even more tedious is shineyskull dishing it constantly out and immediately as soon as anyone has the right to reply or react hes the victim , always the victim , but on the grounds of your comment alone , i can fathom why he behaves thus , if he has taken your stance as an example to try emulate – btw welkom to my enthrallng and entertaining [usually always featured cast ] anytime , i dont need to use or employ anyone – evenmoreso sad bully bedsit nonces to accumulate viewers , nor do i multi tab and get caught out chatting with myself !!

  5. jstevieo

    did i forget to say Great Blog UKM , very enjoyable catching up here and good job in exposing again above, bedsit bald bullyboy from bristol !

  6. Pikem4n

    Bloody hell is this for real? Please say it’s photoshopped? 😀

    Sounds like someone needs a new hobby tbh,this is taking things to the extreme a little bit isn’t it,or is it someone being a little bit petty towards yourself karl?

    At the end of the day i think alot of casters have to remember is this, if you Cast on whatever site and you do or say something wrong and are caught with your trousers down it’s only fair to end up on a blog like this or elsewhere.

    And Just for reference can you take down my “how not to dance” video please Mr. Davies, if you don’t i’ll be contacting cloudflare very soon 😉

  7. Matthew_quaye_grandad

    Mr Stevio .. so you claim my granson picks on women yet you do the same thing to my wife .. Matthew might be alot of things but he isnt a grss like yourself Mr Stevio you have no place in society you dont deserve the right to be in society grasses are worse than bully’s and pedophiles.. your cast/ show is terrible i shall be reporting you for bullying and harrasment to my wife … stop smoking the weed your paranoid mr stevio ..

    bristol bedsita ftw , matthem son we love you xx

  8. Blundersnarf

    “….otherwise im leaving vaughn”

    Spat my fucking tea out, hahahahahhaha.

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