Thundersnarf Shows The Love For UKM

I don’t want to spoil the following video’s of our number 1 fan, but watch and listen how he spends 2 hours, talking about nothing but me lol 🙂

The best of it was, i was out when he was casting, so i missed all the chat, just left his full show recording on one of our hard drives.


He’s nuts ain’t he. It gets better though, he really thinks i’m every person in his room, then gets paranoid to f*ck.


This is like going back to the NorthernMonkey and Shez Jackson day’s, where anything said in the chat is me hehe.

Matthew, i very rarely troll, and even when i do, i don’t threaten people. Why? Because nobody bothers me that much. Plus the fact that people sending threats over the Internet just look complete weapons when nothing ever happens about it.

Remember Ruby and how you were going to get your ‘boys’ to kick her head in?

Yeah, you looked a right fool. So sorry bro, as much as your paranoia amuses me, i’m afraid i can’t claim responsibility for the fine work somebody else has put in.

Tally ho old chap 😉




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4 Thoughts to “Thundersnarf Shows The Love For UKM”

  1. Chicken Legs

    Lol Karl you do realise at 31 secs into this song he dedicates to you he sings i don’t care what your talking about Baby, he calls you his baby, lol i think he really likes your picture.
    He seems obsessed with you, he was talking about you Sunday night with Flanders.

  2. Simon

    matthew shaves his legs

  3. lol, he is definitely strange.

  4. PaRaN0iDAnDr0iD

    It’s really funny that Matty the batty boi thinks that all these people troll him when casting, i know on a few occasions he has accused loads of people of being in his channel trolling him, when those chosen few have been casting themselves elsewhere.

    Now mathew, i’d say take some chill pills sir, you are barking up at the wrong tree, or should that be barking at the moon????

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