Menellie: Time To Sort Out The Trolls

Not only is he going after the blogs, but now he wants to target the trolls too. Which is kind of ironic considering the way he trolls SexyChris!

So if you are handy with your fists, and would like to dish out some ‘Menellie’ justice, you can apply to join his new online vigilante group:


Although i am not sure how much fear they would put in to people, when you open your door to this:

Menellie priest 2

Think it might be best to just put the trolls on ignore Nellie.

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized


One Thought to “Menellie: Time To Sort Out The Trolls”

  1. Dusty Bin

    Funny how the Trolls don’t like it when they themselves get Trolled.

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