Our Troll Friend Is Causing Murders on Vaughn lol

Whoever has registered the username ‘ukmuppets’ on VaughnLive is doing a fantastic job of pushing Chris and Nathan’s buttons 🙂

There i was packing, when i get a message asking if i am trolling in Chris’s room? I don’t know how much i missed, but i managed to catch a few lulz.


Whoever it is, they don’t give up lol.







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3 Thoughts to “Our Troll Friend Is Causing Murders on Vaughn lol”

  1. Baboultr

    hahaha here we go again 😀

  2. On da Sofa

    Seen that UK Muppets a lot in the channel there good at the wind ups, have me thoughts as to who this is also but could be wrong.
    and i seem to recall also Mr Bluesky said a lot more also re asians and blacks thats why cherry breeze went mad at him.

  3. Sean

    lol they think you are an 18 year old Baboultr from Leeds, who’s real name is Sean. lol

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