SexyChris Has A Meltdown

Usually it’s if his Mum refuses to give him money or clean up after him that he loses it, but today, it was AngelStormee who sent our favourite kitchen dwelling scammer over the edge.



Wow, that was a kick that Anita would of been proud of.




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One Thought to “SexyChris Has A Meltdown”

  1. Brokenmech

    Angel really needs to stay away from chris now, she has dumped him for a toy boy and hanging around chris will make him hurt more because he will always want more than just friendship.

    He needs time to heal from it and won’t be able to if she is hanging around. In his mind this was real, but in reality there was no relationship to speak of.

    This new one with cameron is also doomed to fail down the road, what’s happened to just going out and meeting people in your area in real life? lmao….

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