Chris, Nellie 2 And The Meltdown Pt 2

It’s not often that friends visit Chris, but when they do, boy, you can be sure of drama lol. Yesterday’s visitor was some bloke who know’s Chris’ Dad, and who Chris was calling Nellie (amongst others).

It was all such fun, everybody on the Booze, Skype calls were flying, and a good time was had by all. But then, this is Chris we are talking about, so you get the jist…

Nellie 2, as they called him, was making his first (and probably last) visit to Chris’ flat, and his reactions to what greeted him was hilarious 🙂


Then as the alcohol took it’s toll on Welshguy and Nellie 2, it all went tits up from here!


And as predictable as the weather, excess alcohol leads to another pity party for Chris.

May sound harsh, but when you watch it back, it’s just drunken self pity, not somebody who is really going to harm themselves.

*Video Courtesy Of The Original Which Can Be Found Here


In my opinion, i think the realisation that his unlimited cash machine via AngelStormee has come to an end, and he knows that his viewers are getting wise to his scams, so his luxury lifestyle, courtesy of others, is about to vanish right before his eyes.

What a shame eh 🙂




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5 Thoughts to “Chris, Nellie 2 And The Meltdown Pt 2”

  1. fiifion

    this is the best ever blog post

  2. jstevieo

    what an absolute PIG eh !! lol at the guys reaction when he opend his fridge – the guy IS a health hazard – his home is a health hazard – “the flies are BAD ” and of course his booo fucking hooo oh woe is me is simply PATHETIC !! ive zero sympathy for him , some people are beyond help and need to hit rock bottom , this guy has sunk way below that , scum living in scum being SCUM !!

    1. Ryan

      Here comes Jstevieo yet again. Gotta get your insults in for the day so you can sleep at night.

      The only person who is ever scum is someone who calls another person scum.

  3. Pikeman

    Can’t we all have a group hug and get along?

    Got to say that guy who was on skype in the last video clip, has got one well buff voice 😉


    u missed the best part i uploaded it for ya where cops come and he falls over and cant get up also talks about how the cops are after him

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