VaughnLive History Lessons With FoxmanShawn

This weeks History lesson was focused on the Social Broadcasting Website ‘VaughnLive’  Today, Head Teacher Mr Fox, will teach his pupils about some of the infamous rogues who were popular back in the Webcam Entertainment era.

First lesson, was the Life and Times of Daddy Warrrbuck:


I hope you took all that in? This weekend’s homework is for all pupils to write a 2000 word essay on the Life and Times of SexyChrisWhile.

Paragraphs with the word ‘sh*t’ repeated over and over will not be accepted.

Thank you.



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2 Thoughts to “VaughnLive History Lessons With FoxmanShawn”

  1. Sean

    lol spelling the shit wrong

  2. jstevieo

    this was hilarious , shawn should do more lecture /chalkboard casts! [ it might even improve his spelling !! too ] ~ he and warren went at it man to man or drunk to drunk ,the following day on skype ~shawn might be a boozer but he doesnt moan and repeat his constant lamentation about how hes the most victimised person online – warrens drunken casts recently are the same dialogue constantly repeated ,only just shuffled in following order – his demand for attention , sharing his personal info -leading to food deliveries etc etc all filmed only exacerbate his trollage – Shawn can be abrasive sometimes to his family members but nothing compared to the constant abuse warrens mother recieves almost every time hes casting and abusing alcohol – recently some have speculated [ due to warrens even more eratic than usual behaviour ] that warren might be also using other substances on top of his excessive alcohol consumption – warren can basically blame all the negitive attention specifically upon himself , whether hes blabbed about his sexual ‘adventures’and proclivities in the past [later claiming his tales to be contrived lies] to set up his friends to test their loyalty – his claims to be a man of G-d and religious mindset are always contradicted by his ung-dly behaviour and extreme profanity , sharing his personal info with his come and go best friends at best not prudent or sensible – foxmans detailed lecture not far from reality at all – shawn might be a drunk but he owns up to his issues and does his very best to function in society and hold down a job – warrens denial of his tendencies and evident behaviour ,always explained away by the admission hes a ‘royal fuck up,meaning a carte blanche for any and all his misbehaving ‘which he has laid the blame often on his Mum , Marks recent intervention , requesting warrens verbal abuse towards his mum to stop was remarkable [excuse the pun ] as there are other casters i need not name who abuse their elders almost on a daily basis also on cam live , that equally could be warned about said abuse – a slippery slope as whats good for the goose is good for the gander – however shawns chalkboard lecture was very amusing and quite accurate , although im sure some will say kettle /pot ….perhaps a more disturbing aspect of the casters we,ve come to know as more often drunken than sober seem to be getting involved in the worrying trend of outdoing eachother , we,ve seen shitty chris attempt imitate [ very poorly ] and try emulate fellow drunken casts and whacky antics , escalating beyond eachothers antics into the bizzare and moreoften downright stupid and whacky . –

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