Ryan: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

I know he’s Autistic, so we have given him plenty of lee-way on here. But there is only so much of his nonsense and hypocrisy that anyone can take.

If you want to debate, at least try to not contradict yourself with every reply. The only friends this guy has in the whole world, are the UK Invasion, and hilariously, they detest the guy ( and yes, i have the videos)

Well, where do we start? Let’s begin with Ryan’s email he sent in, warning us he was going to ‘expose’ us.

Shawnio getting fed up with Ryan already5

Care to explain where my 3 comment have gone Ryan?

Lets go on to his insistence , that unless you provide hard proof, you are fabricating the story and it’s i quote ” lies and hate”

Shawnio getting fed up with Ryan already7

Shawnio getting fed up with Ryan already6

Which in typical Ryan style, that means everybody else has to comply, except him.

Shawnio getting fed up with Ryan already8

So everybody that is called Sean, must be Irelands Patriot?  Ok, lets play Ryan at his own game…

Shawnio getting fed up with Ryan already9

Still waiting for him to provide hard proof that Sean, is Irelands Patriot.

Wouldn’t be fabricating lies about Irelands Patriot there would you Ryan? 😉

Next, lets see how Ryan handles the slightest criticism.

Shawnio getting fed up with Ryan already2

So Shawnio makes a good comment, and Ryan is confused as to how Shawnio could possibly think that the Blog is about ScuttleButt.

Eerr, maybe the fact it’s called ‘Scuttletards.blogspot.com’

As you can see, he’s not really cut out for this Blogging lark is our Ryan. But it gets better, he’s so butthurt about a basic comment, he then runs and does this lol

Shawnio getting fed up with Ryan already4

Although i don’t think it was that comment so much, it was the fact he got his ass spanked for spamming Shawnio’s chatbox.

Shawnio getting fed up with Ryan already

Shawnio getting fed up with Ryan already1

He does get upset easily doesn’t he.

Oh, let’s not forget his facts are exempt from dates too 😉

Shawnio getting fed up with Ryan already10

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8 Thoughts to “Ryan: Do As I Say, Not As I Do”

  1. Ryan

    http://i.imgur.com/s38yna7.jpg -> proving that anyone can leave comments, I don’t approve them, and even anons can leave them. I suggest you try again if you’re not lying, and show me a screenshot of what you see when you try to leave a comment so I can address the situation and CORRECT it if you or someone else is somehow being blocked from leaving comments.

    #1 – I am not autistic
    #2 – the Shawnio post today was due to 3 things which were behind the scenes. #1 was friends of mine saying they have been harassed by him and he’s not the good guy he appears to me, #2 was banning me from his room today without any reason because seemingly he disapproves of me posting about anything other than his obsession with Scuttlebutt, and #3 me finding out about his criminal record which I thought was false but is actually true
    #3 I have never contradicted myself or told a lie online

    I know you’re used to dealing with people that are sketchy and dishonest and disrespectful, but I’m not one of them. I had no idea you would get this offended by me trying to prove that not everything you read on your blog and scuttlebutt’s blog is true. If for example the New York Times writes a story, does a rival newspaper write a scathing report on them in retaliation? No.

    So, before you make up your mind about me sir, stop assuming you know things when you don’t, or that someone is fibbing to you. Stop letting your paranoia get the better of you.

    1. Touched a nerve much lol? 😉 Now if you are trying to tell me i didn’t make 3 comments on your Blog, on different posts, then i will 100%, now, in front of everyone who reads this blog, call you out as a LIAR! One comment was sent under the name ‘ondabooze’ and the other two were anonymous. So you are a liar Ryan, comments don’t/or certainly didn’t at the time. go straight through.

      Now you’ve been ‘exposed’ enjoy 🙂

      1. Ryan

        Send me screenshots please. I believe you’re the one lying and trying to make it look like I’m doing something I’m not. Look at the imgur link. It’s been set that way for 2 days since I started. Please try commenting again. I’m actually going to try it out myself as an anon and see if it works. If you’re serious I’ll gladly help you solve this issue so you can freely comment if you’re unable to now, because you should be able to and that was my intention when designing the blog. If you’re trolling me without offering any proof or screenshots, then there’s nothing I can do about that.

        1. Have you got my requested evidence that Irelands Patriot is the Sean that made that comment? Or was you fabricating lies about somebody Ryan?

          1. Ryan

            There was another story on your blog within the last 1-2 months. A story concerning IrelandsPatriot. The person who commented commented as ‘Sean’ and touted themselves, referring to themselves as being the caster / person you wrote about in your story. I put 2 and 2 together to figure that out. Now for the life of me that story seems to be gone. When I search for ‘ireland’ or ‘irelandspatriot’ or ‘patriot’ or ‘ip’ in your blog search, it does not come up. You have the ability to look through your comments and see when the last time someone named ‘Sean’ commented on your blog. You can help me if you’d like to. Contrary to popular belief, I cannot find everything ever stored on the internet.

            I also like how you completely change the subject when I prove that you’re not being truthful about leaving comments on my blog (and also offer to help you if indeed you’re having a problem).

  2. Ryan, i tried to offer you advice so that your Blog succeeds. Why would i suddenly make up stories about posting 3 comments if it was a lie? If i was trying to put you down, i could of said i tried 15-20 times. But i know i posted 3 different comments and none appeared.

    As for changing the subject, how many people take a screenshot when they type out a comment, before they click submit?

    Dude, you are coming across as good at Blogging as Richard Swann now, it’s embarrassing.

    1. Ryan

      I take screenshots of everything before I hit send. That way if the server mucks up I can know exactly what I said and re-type it virtually the same. As for the “why would I lie (meaning you)?” bit, I’ve seen you tell lie after lie after lie about people, so I don’t have any trust with you. There’s a test story on my blog now. Try commenting. Tell me if you can’t. If you can’t, it’s a serious problem that is affecting others and not just you – and it needs to be corrected. So do you want to bitch and moan or do you want to help me solve it?

      So what do you also say now on the ‘Sean’ comment? Was I completely in the wrong for calling him IP? I don’t think so. You could help me find that blog post of yours and the accompanying comment if you’d like, or you can use it an an excuse to claim I’m not being truthful. I can’t force you to do anything.

  3. Anon

    As another blog has mentioned, Ryan is a very lonely, autistic troll. He’s desperate to interact with anyone.

    Don’t waste your time on him.

    Leave him to implode whilst spamming comments to himself, alone on his blog.

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