SexyChris Works All Night For £12

Poor Chris, he was so tired this morning, after admitting he spent all night trying to fleece more cash out of AngelStormee, and the poor lad ended up with a paltry £12.

How could Leah be so cruel?


Now, we’ll show that clip again, for Ryan. Still trying to convince us that he doesn’t know what he’s doing?





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6 Thoughts to “SexyChris Works All Night For £12”

  1. Ryan

    He’s always running out of money – what part of him not being able to manage money do you not understand? You keep wanting to point fingers and say he’s guilty, because you don’t like him. I have nothing against e-begging and I commend him for it. I don’t judge others based on their habits UNTIL they start insulting other people. Let’s see if THIS comment goes through as I tried 3 times on your other story about me and it wouldn’t.

  2. When does not being able to manage money, suddenly become, and i quote ” all night and all i got out of her was £12″

    1. Ryan

      He has a right to ask people for money, and complain when he doesn’t get what he feels is enough. This is harming WHO? Whoever gave 12 quid did so willingly, nobody puts a gun to someone’s head and forces them to go to paypal and make a donation. If someone had given him 1000 quid, they would have also done so willingly. I don’t see any issue here. I fail to see how you have any issue here. Your stance is that ‘it’s not okay to e-beg’. I understand. Many people feel this way. That’s fine, so don’t e-beg yourself. Also don’t judge others who do. Ever heard the saying “Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you do”??

      Now, you might respond with ‘but he manipulates’ – well, you may or may not be right, that isn’t for me to say. I do know that if someone lets a guilt trip make them give someone money, they have an underlying mental health issue of their own. It doesn’t make it the person who is asking for money’s fault.

      So, keep all your money, every single pence and pound. It’s yours, and you don’t have to give it to anyone. Do not however judge others who get money from other sources / people. It’s not your right.

      1. Ok, your Autism is affecting your rational thoughts now. That’s not your fault, i know that, but look, if i provided a video of Chris beheading his Mother, you would say “everybody has a right to behead” so as much as i love to have a good debate, this is just going nowhere now.

        Go do some Blogging Ryan, you’ll enjoy it.

        1. Ryan

          I’m not autistic. I’ve said this before. Second of all, beheading is a CRIME of murder which is illegal under british and almost every single country’s law. Begging for money online is not. Do you really consider someone who is asking for money a “scumbag” or whatever other comments you or others might have made? That’s not a judgement call for you to make. You probably also feel he should be reported to the government for extra non-declared income. If so, file a report with whatever proper agency exists online if you feel you want to do so (I would also think that’s childish to do, but it’s within your legal right). Otherwise, all you’re doing is bullying / name calling / bitching without offering a solution.

          If you think that asking for money online is a crime equal or close to murder, something is VERY wrong in your mind. You might feel bad for a person if they gave their money and didn’t have enough to pay their own bills after donating, but that would be again THEIR choice, and their issue, and not yours.

          In conclusion, I do not see or understand at ALL how this is something you can look down on someone else for.

  3. The Fly Swatter

    Ryan you say you dont judge people until they start insulting others, Mr While Insults people a lot even people that have stuck up for and bought him things, he has said said really nasty stuff to people, but i guess thats ok as he does not allegedly know whats he’s doing.

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