Ryan’s Lies – Exposed (Updated)

I’ve tried to give him freedom of speech on here, and because of his Autism, i’ve not gone too hard on him. But he’s obviously using his mental disability to excuse his constant lies and malicious accusations, and annoy people.

Remember i asked him why the 3 comments i left on his new Blog, were never published? He tried to imply that i was lying, and no comments were made.

Then, he makes this post, once again, indicating that my messages never existed, and that as i hadn’t taken a screenshot, it was proof that it was all a lie.

Ryans blog lies pt 2

Ryans blog lies pt 3

So, giving him the benefit of the doubt, i tried again this morning, and sent a message on the exact same post from above. Guess what, no message appeared again, despite his claims from above that messages go straight through.

Knowing he’s going to run to here as soon as he wakes up, and claim it’s all i malicious lie to slander him, i thought, right, ok, lets try to send another comment.

Only this time, i’ll record it 🙂


So there, as you see, Ryan is full of shit! But it’s only one of several lies he makes. If you read through the comments section on here, you will see that he claims that he doesn’t judge anybody, especially people with Disabilities like SexyChris etc.

Hmm, well that’s to an Anon emailing this in for us this morning, it’s seems Mr Righteous himself, is suffering from Amnesia, as this is what he had to say about the innocent, victimised Christopher himself.

Ryans blog lies pt 4

Lets take a closer look at what Ryan has to say about the wrongly abused Chris:

Ryan slams Chris

And in before he tries to claim it’s Photoshopped, the link to the Video and his comment is here


What was that Ryan? The same Christopher, that you insist that no negative comment should ever be made about, is, and i quote again ” a complete loser and manipulator”  Which is strange, as only yesterday, you said this:

Ryans blog lies pt 5

What’s that? Another contradiction from Ryan? Surely Not?

Well i think your time is done here Ryan. You are obviously just after attention, or demented, either way, you have your own Blog to post contradictory posts and comments on, and as people are getting fed up with your attention seeking (i’m getting comments from people on here and in email) it’s time to say goodbye, and no more comments, or attempts at posting retarded shit, will bypass our filter.

You’ve been exposed, so spend more time writing more fabricated lies on your Scuttles Blog, and let everybody else get on with sensible posts and comments.

Tally ho old chap 🙂

PS: Thanks to the anon for mailing in the link and screencap 🙂

* Updated:

I know i shouldn’t keep giving him attention, and i know he’s annoying several of you, but this is classic retarded work, even for Ryan. In fact, this has NorthernMonkey all over it lol.

This is taken from his Blog;

Ryans blog lies pt 6

Ok, Ryan, and Dicky. Watch the video of me trying to leave a comment, then see if you can notice the 2 mistakes you have made there 😉

Update: Ryan has discovered the punctuation error from my video and the comment on his Blog, which proves it was fake. But somehow, he failed to notice, at the end of the video, i don’t submit that comment lol. That was done just to explain that the comment that was submitted, never went through. So straight away, i knew those comments were faked. Ryan, when you rely on retards such as Richard Swann, you were always on a hiding to nothing.

Just saying 😉

Also, it’s either Ryan and Dicky on damage control, or somebody is having fun with Ryan.

Ryans blog lies pt 7

I can honestly say 100%, that wasn’t me apologising. Two reasons there that should let anybody with half a brain, realise i wouldn’t type that.

1) Why would i apologize for exposing your lies?

2) Dude, i’ve been using VPN’s for more years than i care to remember. I also started this site off using Blogger, you know, the exact same platform your Blog is hosted on. And using a Proxy or a VPN does not stop anything working, unless of course, you block that Proxy/VPN’s IP address.

And yes, i have blocked you from Spamming our Facebook page, and no, your spam messages won’t be published on here anymore.

You are annoying people with your nonsense and i’m not going to let you bring this Blog down to the level your’s is currently at.

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

5 Thoughts to “Ryan’s Lies – Exposed (Updated)”

  1. Well, to be fair, he spotted one of the mistakes from my video, but didn’t clock the easiest giveaway. The fact, that i never submitted the last comment, which you’ll see right at the very end of the video. Also the time difference between comments, is about 3 minutes or so, when in actual fact, the difference in me submitting the first comment, and the recorded one, was about 20 minutes.

    Nice try Ryan, but i think you need to take a hard look at your so called friends 😉

    1. jewbot

      whats his blog? the one in other post is closed for bullying lol

      1. Yeah, apparently, proving his claims are all false, equates to bullying now? He really isn’t well is he lol.

        1. Ryan

          By the way, I need to mention – I believe your blog 100% – I will never set foot in the UKinvasion’s shitty casts ever again. I cannot stand them now, I’ve deleted them all off my facebook and blocked them. They’re a bunch of whiny losers who LIE.

  2. Sean

    When will the depressed aspie learn? I pity him. He cant fit in anywhere. He couldnt fit in on vl so he went to ivlog with his ugly whale of a disabled girlfriend. His autism inhibited him to integrate there also so now hes migrated to the blogging world where he is a joke there. Hes running out of places to go

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