SexyChris Prepares For The Concert

It finally arrived, Chris’ big night out, to go and see E.L.O. (Well, ELO Tribute band) live in Concert.

The day didn’t start well though, with Chris’ anxiety at the thought of being in a busy place, licking in from around 2pm’ish

But, his fans talked him into going, so with only a few hours to spare, Chris decides to bite the bullet, and get himself all scrubbed up and looking ready to impress…

Well, kind of!

To be fair to Chris, it was nice to able to make a post that is light hearted, and not him raging and ranting at somebody.

One day at at a time though 😉




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One Thought to “SexyChris Prepares For The Concert”

  1. fiifion

    chriss uses a cheese cloth to capture excriment

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