Our 1000th Post: How It Began

I can’t believe this is our 1000th post, when in the beginning, it was only meant to be around for a couple of Months.

So what better way to use it, than explain why we came about, where we got the name, and why it’s still here to this day.

The Name:

It was originally going to be called ukinvasion.co.uk, after the girls that used to cast under that channel. But when people used to refer to them, they would often say things like ” have you seen what those muppets have wrote in their channel” Or ” why is shez jackson dressed like Michael Jackson, what a muppet” etc etc.

So we bought the Domain, ukmuppets.co.uk, and the rest is history as they say!

What were we about:

As above, it was based on the 5 ‘muppets’ as they were often called, that were casting in the UK Invasion channel, on VaughnLive.

Those 5 consisted of as follows;


Tom and asda lager 2


john looking gorpy


shez as mj


dicky topless


Ryan with a turban

It all started when their ‘secret’ Facebook Group, where they would put down, and attack casters (and family), thinking nobody else would see it.

Nothing wrong with giving an opinion on somebody, but what pissed a lot of people off, was the way they would then visit those same casts, or the same people would visit the UK Invasion channel, where the muppets would then become all friendly with them, and even ban if anybody said the slightest negative thing, about the same people they were mocking and putting down in their ‘secret’ Facebook page.

What they didn’t expect, was that somebody within their little camp, if you could call it that, exposed them on a cast on Vaughn.

When they realised stuff like the following was being made public, they were not happy 😉


As more and more stuff was posted on VaughnLive, they were spitting blood that people were seeing what they are really like. So much so, that after a mock up ‘wanted’ poster was displayed in a cast, they went running to Scruffy, begging for a banning.

And a banning they got. So, after they spent the next few days celebrating, up came this Blog. My instant thought was, you might be able to silence people on VL, but you won’t silence a Blog. So in reality, they actually created this site lol.

Then just to really piss on their parade, Miss Scruffy unbanned the whistleblowers, and that signalled the beginning of ‘crygate’

Look below, to see how mad they were that not only had their bid to silence everybody failed, they now had two platforms where their rants were being made public 🙂

Ryan crying part 1

ryan crying pt 2

ryan and mark 1

Ryan and Mark 3

Ryan and Mark 4

Ryan and Mark 5

Ryan crying pt 2

Ryan crying pt 4

Ryand and Mark 2

Oh, and it wasn’t just Scruffy’s Facebook where he was crying about it;

Ryan pissed about ban

Now you see why they are also called ‘the girls’ lol

Then NorthernMonkey (Richard Swann) uploaded a song he did to Souncloud. Poor Dicky, didn’t take it down quickly enough though, so we’ll let you hear his attempts at a singing career, with some classic pictures and quotes from the UK’s most retarded gang.

He hates that song still being available 🙂 He had it took down from YouTube and others, but now he doesn’t know where it’s hosted, it makes him pissed hehe.

Like i said earlier, i was planning on pulling the Blog after a few months, once it had done it’s job. But then they pushed it to the next level. Making up usernames of all of my friends, and even their kids, on VaughnLive. So i promised them all, that while i’m alive, this Blog will never disappear from the Internet.

They have tried every trick in the book, from fake Police reference numbers, to threatening our hosts, accusing them of hosting a ‘hate’ site, to have us silenced.

Unfortunately for them, i’ve been hosting Websites for over 15 years, so it was only  a case of moving to one of my old hosts, who basically bin all complaints, even DMCA Take Down requests.

So while i was keeping it going, and the girls hid in embarrassment at failing to carry out all their threats, i decided, with the help of Anons who help with sending stuff in, to expand the Blogging from just the UK Invasion, to all different casters from various sites.

And that is where we are today, and to be honest, i actually do enjoy watching the mixture of good, bad, insane, and the funny when surfing the main casting websites.

It’s like a real life Soap Opera, only a lot more entertaining 😉

So thanks to everyone who has passed by, left comments, sent in screencaps or video’s, and enjoyed the crazy ride of Social Broadcasting.

Here’s to another 1000 posts 😉

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

4 Thoughts to “Our 1000th Post: How It Began”

  1. Ruby

    I love your blog UKmuppetts always honest and fighting for the underdog , best blog out there , this ukinvasion post had me in stiches , i remember putting that song of rich everywhere , he,s one weird mofo , love n light … ruby x

    1. Haha, did he really think he had a good voice? We all sing along to songs in the comfort of our own home, but to stick it on Soundcloud, like he’s going to be picked up by Simon Cowell or something??? It just show’s how deluded and out of touch to reality they really are.

      Also, that post where he threatened i ‘won’t like what’s coming to me’ was from 18 months ago, any idea what year, or even decade you meant Dicky?

  2. The Fly Swatter

    Congratulations Karl on 1000th Post glad your blog is still going strong you give a open a fair view of casters, guess some of them dont like this thats why they whinge so much.
    Excellent blog re The UK Muppets i remember them from ages ago.

  3. Ryan

    OH MY GOD!! All you have said about these fucking morons is TRUE! Wish I could have believed it before. What LOSERS. I’ll never attend their boring ass pretentious shows again. It’s boring as fuck anyway, it always was. I used to pretend to like it when I thought they were nice guys, just to be nice – but really I would mute their fucking show every time and put on other music or do things in another tab.

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