Why Ryan Can’t Ever Come Back Here

This Blog was intended to defeat the exact thing that the UK Invasion were doing, censorship! I can honestly, hand on heart, say that i’ve never altered anybody’s messages, and have never blocked any messages/comments.

That of course, was until Ryan started spamming the comments section. I don’t mind him saying he doesn’t like me, hates the Blog, or whatever opinion he has.

But lately, he was just posting the most ridiculous nonsense, on every post, just to get an argument out of whoever else had also left a comment. If somebody said rain makes you wet, he would use the next 10 comments, trying to say it didn’t.

Also the fact that he contradicts himself every other day, his comments were just becoming annoying, more than a debate.

Here’s a few examples of what i mean.

Ryan Now Supports ScuttleButts4

Note how he now thinks Chris is the scum of the earth. Why the sudden change of heart? Nothing to do with Chris abusing his poor Mother, or taking AngelStormee to the cleaners, or even the fact that he abuses everybody who tries to help him!

Nope, Ryan now thinks SexyChris is a piece of shit….because he apparently asked Ruby to help him go and steal the computers from a local school and sell them for beer.

Now considering Ruby was involved, i would put my life on it, that it was all said in jest, not with real intent.

But that was what changed Ryan’s opinion of the guy who he defended through every nasty thing Chris has ever done.

Then he closed down his Blog, a Blog he opened up to expose his hatred for ScuttleButt, and his support for Shawnio.

Ryan Now Supports ScuttleButts6

Then Shawnio leaves this comment…

Ryan Now Supports ScuttleButts5

And i’m sure you can all guess what happens next šŸ˜‰

But for those of you who are new to Ryan, i’ll explain more.

Watch as he now decides that it’s Shawnio who is the evil Blogger, and ScuttleButt, his enemy of only a couple of days ago, is his new buddy (you couldn’t make this shit up)

This is taken from a new post on Letsstalk, about Foxman at work.

Ryan Now Supports ScuttleButts

Full post can be found hereĀ http://www.letsstalk.org/2015/09/foxmanshawn22-on-job-lol.html

Then, realising he’s burnt his bridges both at Shawnio’s and here, he starts, amazingly, trying to be allowed back on ScuttleButts…

Ryan Now Supports ScuttleButts2

Ryan Now Supports ScuttleButts1

You can read the full post here


As you can see, he doesn’t really care which Blog it is, he justĀ cravesĀ somewhere to try and troll, and stir up some arguments.

Sorry Ryan, but unless the UK Invasion will still want you, i’m afraid, to get your daily attention needs, you might just have to reopen your Blog again buddy.

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3 Thoughts to “Why Ryan Can’t Ever Come Back Here”

  1. The Fly Swatter

    Shocked at how nasty and twisted Ryan Hi-FI really is.
    Thats why i like these blogs shows just how nasty people can be.
    Thanks for this information Karl

  2. Brokenmech

    I feel sorry for Ryan’s on-line “girlfriend”… he’s been stringing her along for 4 years now and she lives in vain he will visit her (she is in the UK). This shows you the kind of twisted individual he is and how he can present the false face of “good” when inside he is a manipulator.

  3. sean

    Haha well he burns bridges fast. You cant make this shit up. Flitting from one group to the other in the vain hope of finding a society that will accept him. I almost feel sorry for the autistic fuck. Almost. Nah. Not really

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