We Are Still Here And Still Alive

Sorry for the lack of new content guys. I moved a couple of weeks back, not far, just to a bigger place as this was too small and cramped. Anyway, i’ve basically been living out of boxes and running on only 1 PC the last week or so.

But it’s time to get this place sorted now and get all my PC’s and monitors set up so we can watch/record multiple casts. I’ve done most of it over the last few days, but reckon it’s going to take till Monday or Tuesday till everything is finished.

I don’t know if i’ve missed much since the Swattings, so if i have, i apologise, but the other blogs should keep you up to date.

I did catch SexyChris having another mini meltdown the other night. He’s losing his mind, i’m sure of it. He went on a mad banning rage for absolutely nothing the other day. One minute he’s fine, the next this happened…

Chris bans UKM

There wasn’t even anybody called ukmuppets in the room lol. I was there, but under an alias, so don’t know what set him off.

Then the guests were picked off one by one 🙂

Chris bans all guests

I guess the bank of AngelStormee being closed all this time is pushing him over the edge.

So, with no funds coming in, Chris decides to try and raise some cash on Chaturbate.

This isn’t my video, so i will link to it so the owner gets the credit.


Chris Masturbates Again

If you can stomach watching him until he ‘finishes’ so to speak, you will see just how disgusting this guy is. He doesn’t even clean himself up, just pulls his pants back up and carries on using his keyboard and mouse, without even washing the cum off his fingers!

A tip for anybody going to Chris’s flat: Wear gloves before you touch his PC, keyboard, mouse or chair.

For now, take care, and we’ll be back in a couple of days 🙂

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2 Thoughts to “We Are Still Here And Still Alive”

  1. Angie2013

    Loving the new look to the site, 🙂 don’t know why he boots all the guests like this, seem him do that a few times now.

    1. Cheers Ang. Let us know if you come across any little bugs with the new layout. It should be fine but i’ve not had time to test everything yet.

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