Is MichelleStacy Developing Alzheimers?

Have you noticed how that vile thing, MichelleStacy, is latching on to FoxmanShawn lately? She’s all ‘ oh Foxman, i really like you, i will take care of your chat’ etc…

Now i love the Foxman. He’s a piss can, but a harmless piss can, and MS, is only getting all friendly with him because she knows that he always forgives and forgets, and the fact that Whirlwind is attempting to get close to the Fox.

It’s cringeworthy watching her kiss Fox’ ass, all in a desperate attempt to stop him getting friendly with Whirlwind. But everybody knows that MS is a nasty, back stabbing bitch, who will turn on Fox once he’s no longer needed.

Look at some of this shite!

MS two faced about Fox


What was that Michelle? ” yeah, we’re team Foxman” and “you’ve pissed me off, but i’ve always liked you”

Hmm, lets go back a month, conveniently before Whirlwind  bothered with Fox, and see just how much she ‘always liked him’


MS talking shit about Foxman

Or how much team Foxman was she, when he had his Gofund me appeal open for his teeth to be fixed…

MS the grass

MS the grass1

MS the grass2

As you can see, she’s quite a loyal friend isn’t she!

I’ve watched her do this time and time again. She’ll never change, but i hope Foxman wakes up to see exactly what she is doing before she causes him some real drama.

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2 Thoughts to “Is MichelleStacy Developing Alzheimers?”

  1. Anon

    I really enjoy this blog because it has a lot of good content about casters I watch.

    IMHO, I think it’s a bad idea to get involved in the Scuttle vs Shawnio war, which you’ve indirectly done by making this post. The blog war killed Scuttle’s and Shawnio’s blogs, because nobody is interested in going to a blog to read obsessive posts and comments about another blog.

    MS is obviously a fat despicable cunt, and it’s best to let that sort of person fester in their own misery.

    Please get back to making great posts about casters we like to watch.

    Just my opinion.

    1. Yeah, you are right about giving her attention, and usually i just record her and shove it in the archives for later use. But i like Foxman, and given time, she would of got him banned from Vaughn and probably involved in some fucked up offline shit too. She’s a parasite.

      As for the Shawnio/Scuttles dispute, i’m not getting involved in all that. I have nothing against either, and i do go to read both blogs daily. For me, the more blogs, the better, because what somebody else has missed, there is a good chance that one of the others will have caught it.

      But at the same time, i’m not going to stop posting about somebody, for fear of upsetting one of them. If somebody is acting the cunt, as MS is here, then i will post about it, regardless of who’s friend she is. If i didn’t continue to post what she’s doing, then that it as good as being censored, and that is one thing that will never happen here 🙂

      But it seems Foxman has come to his senses now, so hopefully she’s done and dusted for a while 😉

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