Is This What Really Happened To Chris’ Foot?

As you may have read earlier, there were too many contradictions surrounding the story of Chris and his bottle cap incident. Why did he turn cam off, then the wound looks a lot worse when he puts it back on?

Also, why did he tell the Paramedic that he couldn’t stop the bleeding because he couldn’t move to the other side of the room, only then, to say he was on the other side when he cut it?

Maybe, the following video will explain all…









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3 Thoughts to “Is This What Really Happened To Chris’ Foot?”

  1. chriss is a autist toddler shame on him for being so dirty, so lazy that he cuts his foot, for the 2nd time in 2 months and blames the world

  2. The Fly Swatter

    So he slices his own foot up, what waste of the ambulance service. He thinks doing this gets him out of probation, all it does is extends it, 12 months probation will be 18 months at this rate.

  3. Dave

    You’re seriously obsessed with Chris m8

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