SexyChris Gets Capped!!

No, not shot dead or anything, although for Chris, that Grim Reaper was so close he could kiss him.

Basically, as we all know, Chris just throws his cans, bottles and anything he has used, straight to the floor.

And time and time again, people have warned him about standing on broken glass and other dangerous objects, all to no avail.

Today was the day he wished he had taken notice though, as he stood on a bottle cap, while barefoot, and left a gash as wide as MissRyanJones’s.




Chris cut foot


Chris cut foot 1


There’ll be no more dancing for Chris for a week or two.










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6 Thoughts to “SexyChris Gets Capped!!”

  1. Angie2013

    That needle when they numbed his foot would of stung, good job he has that crutch he found to help him walk.

  2. anon

    does anyone else notice how the part of the foot you can see hardly any blood and how he never showed the foot before switching cam off?? and how he goes quiet then when cam comes back on its pouring with blood and funnily enough was probation today look at the video again 😉

    1. Yes, you are correct. I have just watched the video back and there is a couple of things that don’t add up. Looking at the 2nd screencap, there is no way a small cap off a bottle of Bud or something would cause a wound like that. Even if you literally smashed it into his foot with a hammer, no chance those tiny little grooves would rip open the skin like that. Hurt, yes, deep gash, no fucking chance.

      Also, why did he say he felt dizzy, so he needed to turn the webcam off. Chris craves attention, and passing out on his bed would get him loads. Then we have the ‘i’ve got no phone’. then seconds later, he rings 999. Chris is a compulsive liar, so something like that, you expect from him. But what really makes you think, is how angry he got when people said they would ring his Mum and let her know. The first person Chris rings if he is in a state, is his Mum. As for that ‘she doesn’t get up till 1’oclock’ excuse, i’d find that hard to believe, because whenever i’ve been watching him, and he’s rang his Mum at a night, she always seems to get to bed about 11pm. So would she really need that much sleep?

      Then if you watch when the Paramedics arrive, they ask him why he’s not tried to stop it bleeding, and his reply was ‘i couldn’t get up to get over there’
      Which is strange, because at about 9m13s of the vid, the Paramedic mentions the broken glass below his feet, yet Chris said ‘ no it was a bottle top, i was over there’
      So did he move, or didn’t he?

      Then, there is the point you made. When he first showed his foot, it was bleeding, but the cut didn’t look anything like the gash he had after he put the webcam back on. Why turn the cam off, then back on, if he was just sat in the same place? And how did the cut seem to expand on it’s own?

      I’m not saying he cut himself on purpose, because i was watching as he done it, and you could tell it took him by surprise, but did he make it worse while off cam?

      Only he knows that!

  3. Anonymous

    jesus. that happened to me once. couldn`t walk or put shoes on for about 5 weeks. felt like 10 weeks

  4. Grunt_Fanatic

    Best grunts I have ever heard from this munter. 10/10, would watch the cunt get maimed again.

    1. lol @ grunt fanatic, lool @ munter 10/10

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