MeNellie: I Own Scuttlebutts New Blog! ( Explained)

Menellie owns 1800anon

Menellie owns 1800anon 1

Okayyyy..what’s going on here then?

Update: Not just Scuttles, he own us too 😉

Menellie owns scuttle and ukm

Although apparently, he doesn’t mean owns as in they belong to, more a case of he’owns’ us, somehow?

Menellie  owns scuttle and ukm1

Yeah, you got us both good style there Nellie, i think we might have to shut down in shame now 😉

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3 Thoughts to “MeNellie: I Own Scuttlebutts New Blog! ( Explained)”

  1. Dave

    blogspot is owned by google. Is this guy a complete moron? I guess he’s sick of not being talked about anymore and feeling irrelevant – has to try some tactic. Menellie, you’re a sick sexual predator we don’t like you for lots of reasons, now we’ve just added another.

  2. symon

    seems that mr me nellies love of Futanari girls is just another coded way of him getting a sick thrill out of nearly exposing himself as a danger to children. Have you seen these futanari girls i looked out curiosity its teen and preteen pictures of little girls with huge cocks. Fucking sick

  3. The Fly Swatter

    someone please tell Menellie its Uk Muppets not UKkmuppets SMH theres only one K in UK

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