Another Laptop Bites The Dust

Chris seriously needs to invest in a Raspberry Pi and code himself a robot to hold his drinks for him. Either that, or stop bleeding leaving his beer on his Computers/Laptops.

For those who are still wondering what’s happened to SexyChris, fear not, he’s alive and well.

Why Chris is offline

This was taken from Rizzo’s cast last night.

This guy is worse than a 3yr old for breaking stuff. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. He must break things on average, every other day!

Well, i think you can all predict what will be coming next…

“AngelStormee, i love you. I love you Leah, always have done, now can you give me a ring, i need to speak to you”


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5 Thoughts to “Another Laptop Bites The Dust”

  1. The Fly Swatter

    Chris falls out with MeNellie and is now buddies again with Rizzo, ummm i wonder why.
    From what i remember chris has broke numerous keyboards and laptops through drinking, there’s also the headphones and PC towers which have got broke oh and the record player.
    Angel storme or Rizzo will help i’m sure 🙂

  2. Dave

    No he’ll just go down to the local college and steal another one

  3. Anon

    He will always break things while people continue to send him money, he has no respect for people or things anyway, it really pisses me off that my hard earned taxes support this complete waste of space, he knows what he is doing he has already said on numerous occassions he has the system beat and will never work because WE the people who work keep him. I will never forget the night he kept opening his beer saying and that’s another paid for by the tax payer cheers and some of you think he is mentally challenged no way, he could work but he doesnt want to because he is a lazy scrounging benefit cheating scumbag how many old people who need the help will die because of lowlives like him taking the money because the only things that unsexy chrisvile has wrong with him is lazyitus and malingereritus

    1. I agree 100%. I’ve said the exact same thing on here months ago, when he first started his begging. But, still to this day, people send him money. I mean, i see he was back on Ivlog last night, and is still on now, so i can only assume, people paid for another laptop/pc.

      He thinks he’s untouchable. I too was watching the cast where he was boasting, thanking David Cameron for supplying him with enough booze to last a month. Not a bright idea, not when he’s pissed so many people off!

      You are right, there is nothing wrong with Chris. He claims to be suffering from depression, and yes, people who suffer with depression do have ups and downs, but with Chris, his only downs, seem to be when he’s skint, or is not getting his own way. You have to suspect, that if Chris knew he was going to have an endless supply of alcohol and takeaways, his ‘down’ days would be non-existent.

      Depression, or spoilt? I know which one my money is on.

  4. Anon

    Medicial Science needs to take a look at this guy because according to him and his “sheep” he has epilesy (which comes and goes but never seems to be brought on by flashing lights), Cerebal Palsy, Bi-Polar, OCD, Depression, Social Anxiety, Autism (mild), Anger issues (not his fault he keeps thumping only women) and of course the age old stress plus others i have forgotten next he will be claiming he has PTSD after all it must be very trumatic for him drinking and sleeping all day

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