YouLiveNow’s Server Melts

So after somehow selling JustCast, Steve Swetman opened up YouLiveNow. Although, why, i don’t have a clue!

Love him or hate him, wherever SexyChris goes, he always pulls a crowd. So once the word started to spread that he was casting on YouLiveNow, the people started coming over. All was well, until he hit the 42 viewers mark, then their server just collapsed.

42 viewers, and Chris maxed out the server…. i shit you not.

Youlivenow freezing

Youlivenow freezing1

250Mbps? Do they even still sell servers with that kind of speed lol? All the servers i’ve ever used have been 1Gbps at a minimum. Not using his home Virgin connection to host his video server is he, surely not?

Youlivenow freezing2

Youlivenow freezing3

Youlivenow freezing4

Youlivenow freezing5

It was so bad, buffering and freezing every few seconds, that a bit of a ‘sweetener’ was called for 😉

Youlivenow freezing6

Then somebody posts this…. and no, it wasn’t me lol..

Youlivenow freezing7

But as usual, we get the blame anyway 🙂

Youlivenow freezing8

lol. Makes me laugh how many times i’m recording a cast, and somebody will post something that the caster doesn’t like etc, then in an instant, it’s ‘that’s UK Muppets’ hahaha.

I’ve told you guys, it’s very rare i troll a cast, because i don’t want to get banned half way though a video being made, but if i do have a little fun, i’ll always tell you it’s me.

So stop being so paranoid, and just ban the trolls if they are getting to you.

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

8 Thoughts to “YouLiveNow’s Server Melts”

  1. Angie2013

    Why does UK Muppets seemed to be getting blamed all the time lol. Must be your fault as well chris owes the council money and the fact the servers kept freezing. 😉

  2. Dave

    guesticles was me m8 🙂

  3. Dave

    as an addendum to my comment about guesticles being me – you would think he has the ability to check who’s who (IP’s, computer information, etc) but either he doesn’t bother or care to check…or he’s an idiot. I guess that’s why he said/thought it was you.

  4. Anon

    Off-topic, but could you please embed a chatango box (or your choice of the equivalent) so your readers have a home base, if you will.

    I’ve been to chat boxes on other blogs and they’re either creepy or dead.

    Please give us a chat box, Mr Davies! 😀 #GrowTheBlog

    1. I have thought about this for a while now. But the problem with adding a Chat system, is i’m only on here usually, to make posts, or approve/reply to comments, so can you imagine the amount of Spam and Doxing that would go on while i was away lol.

      I will look into it further though, and see if there is a suitable way of implementing one 🙂

  5. john

    iv been on this site seems ok the owner is only testing it out on his own server before he moves to main server for video hence the notice on top of website at least this site is up and running more than justcast the one he sold JUST SAYING

    1. Dave

      ‘john’ – you type just like Steve Swetman hmmmmmm

      1. That’s because it was Ryan lol

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