SexyChris Owes The Council £420 LOL

After being evicted from Pennine Gardens, Chris went back today, to pick up his post and bring back any remaining belongings.

Already in a mood over his RAM being apparently binned, he then discovers a lovely bill in his collection of post.


See how Chris manipulates things? If his Mum hadn’t phoned the housing and let it slip that it was a bill for repairs, not cleaning as he claims, a lot of people would feel more sorry for him, and more likely send him cash.

He trashed that flat. Both Steven and his Mum have said several times, that the flat was lovely when he moved in, and he left it wrecked.

The carpet, well! A brand new carpet, that is now covered in stale beer, puke, semen, and a bigger selection of food than you would find in an all-you-can-eat Banquet.

Then we have the front door that was damaged. The kitchen door was broken off completely, and the walls were caked in shit, food, beer and vomit.

So £420 to repair all that… i think he’s got a good deal!









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27 Thoughts to “SexyChris Owes The Council £420 LOL”

  1. Brokenmech

    Silly boy… he had a decent flat practically rent free, plenty of money with which to pay his bills and still enjoy himself. Instead he pissed it all away on booze, fruit machines and items off e-bay which are useless. So now he is about £1500 in debt with that repair bill, money he owes in rent and what he owes gas and electric.

    Now we have to ask ourselves who is to blame? well I think it’s chris AND the people that made the decision that chris could live on his own. He has mental issues, he’s an alcoholic, suffers from anxiety and depression and the so-called “professionals” said he is fine to live on his own and take care of everything himself. This was a trainwreck waiting to happen so I think they should take some of the responsibility to.

    1. Anonymous

      He has no intention of ever paying what he owes to anyone. He said he has borrowed money and never paid a penny and he has openly stated he will do it again. This man thinks there is no consequences to any of his actions he treats women like shit and they let him get away with it, if he had ever spoke to me like he has to people like ruby, amy et al i would have given him a mouthful back but they just say oh well its chris he doesnt mean it wake up morons he means every word he says, no wonder some now refer to him as chris vile. As for his so called ailments this man is a walking miracle to have autism, cerebral palsey, ocd, epilepsy, bi-polar, social anxiety, depression and others too numerous to mention. I’m waiting for post traumatic stress disorder as this now seems to be the ailment of choice by the scroungers. No doubts his sheep sorry i mean followers will claim it is all true if only in a mild form.

      1. Yep, you are spot on. I’ve said it before, these rants, and vile insults he hurls, are not down to any illness or disability, they are just because he knows he can get away with it. Have you noticed he never rants when the Police turn up? Funny that eh?

        Same reason in my opinion, as to why he won’t live at his Dad’s. You would think he would be in his element there, being able to drink all day and night with his Dad. But, for me, the reason that doesn’t appeal to him, is because his Dad would probably smack the sh*t out of him the first time he tried throwing a tantrum there.

        Like the other day, he literally just sat on his ass for hours, telling Steven to get up and pass him things, things that were no more than a couple of inches away. And as much as i love Ruby, she’s not helping Chris by typing in the chat things like ‘ Steven should leave him alone, it’s not his house’ etc everytime Steven shouts at Chris, because then Chris is thinking that IT IS RIGHT that nobody should tell him what to do.

        I’ve read all types of different theories on why Chris behaves like he does, and how to change him. But for me, all he needs is a week in a Boot Camp, where there is nobody to stick up for him, and he can cry and yell as much as he wants. 7 days of hard love and discipline, and he will soon change.

        1. jstevieo

          spot on indeed Karl , hes way too used to always getting his own way ; im sure that played a role in his totlly ignoring warnings [multiple ] from council/hosing Assoc, and court dates to appeal his impending conviction ,ALL simply due to Chris wanting to be back home @ Mams.He has asked her on numerous occasions ,each time her refusal and stating hes offically not even allowed to live with her & she has mentioned to me personally that she amost got into an eviction situation in her house shes lived in for 20+ years , solely due to Chris and being way too sexy for his /her neighbours ability to live close to/next to such in your face sexiness ! didnt matter those facts or what Mam said to him about not even wanting him back “in your dreams “was her response once even! but hey , Sexy takes no ones wishes , situation into account whatsoever , its Always ALL about him his often citeing “no one thinks about how i feel “in his oh woe is me mode – as if you condense sexy down , in fact really he has only 4 real main [often recurring /repeating] mindsets even in these four alter egos its still all about HIM ! hes a toxic person; vampires of the soul , was how i used to descrbe BorderlinerPD types and Sexy has those characteristics , the streets is a very reasonable option open and available to sexy soon – and i think any savy enough person would conclude , his period of being a gladiator in the grass arena of homelessness , shall be short & most likely bloody & he shall be the loser without doubt , irregardless to how sly ,manipulative and calculated he really is the law of violence and threat of it rules over all his abilities to get his own way .
          i could only see something turning now to change his life dramatically is as you suggest in bootcamp solution, my thoughts only imagine him functioning in a stricter regime type residence/ home , in fact suprisingly how cases like him can actually adapt function /exist in those types of solutions very well , structure regularity and conform or consequences is exactly whats missing and non existent in lives wasted like his . a more softer , social approach is doomed to fail with chris then nearing his last game play options that lie before him , prolly only 2 and both hes sure he,ll hate and really doesnt want or feel he deserves – thats what it all boils down to with me , his absolute wasted young life , that i know we,ve all seen im happier and as i spoke to his mom , have said numerous times from the onset of his binge /chronic alcohol fueled life of denial . we hope and said so many times , asking his mum how best can chris get there , be helped – her answer was and prolly still is , shoulder shrugging , hes not to be helped cause he dont want help , chris will as so many finally realise with few friends , no one to turn to with nothing , no online distraction , its all down to him , will rome have to fall ? and burn? , whilst Sexy plays DJ scratchy record 70/80s romantic hits , swigging cider shouting “bibamus evictus est ,~ drink for tomorrow we are evicted !! ” or his other favourite , and your point is comment !! absentum laedit cum chris ebrio qui litigat ~ to argue with chris onDaBooze is to wrong a man , whos not even there !! , i fear it will have to get that far before cold stark reality of a screwed strongly medicated controlled existence of doped down drooling nothingness is sexys future and its ALL down to him and his ways .

  2. The Fly Swatter

    These debts have been mounting up for a while, he’s said many times when at his flat he was’nt going to pay them, he knows they have to be paid, so a lot of this is his own doing, he even cancelled the direct debt to talk talk so they could not take any money, he’s not daft he knows what he’s doing. He just wants any money he gets to be his and not have to pay his way in life.

  3. Dave

    this guy should be unceremoniously brought outside and shot in the head, he’s completely useless to anyone and a waste of a life.

  4. Lucas aid

    I think we all know by now that (not so) sexy Chris while has had this coming to him for ages, he has wrecked that flat good and proper and will cost barrow council a small fortune to get it upto a standard where they can rent it out again.

    The funny thing is a lot of people (including myself) have felt bad and sorry for him BUT now we all know that he has made his bed and now he has got to lie in it,people who go in his channel,ops and friends have got to take off their rose tinted specs and not take anymore of his bullshit!

    No wonder why some people who he calls friends are distancing themselves from him…..

  5. Anon

    Obviously, Chris will never voluntarily repay his debts.

    Would his creditors be able to garnish his benefit money for repayment?

    Someone familiar with UK law please comment!

  6. There is no chance of Chris offering to pay that money back, and it all depends who the money is owed to? Was it a Council flat, or a Housing Association? If it was Council, then in the UK, local Councils make their own Law’s up as they go along. So the chances are, they will issue their own fine and will claw back the money owed, plus all Court fees they add on, which stand at about £85 a time.

    If Chris ignores the fake threatening letters they issue, then they will do one of two things.

    a) Send Debt collectors round to his Mums. The letters will have fake Court headings, and they will claim to be Bailiffs (another lie). Although this step is highly unlikely, because of the fact they know he’s at his Mums, so all the ‘goods’ that a Debt collector would like to to take, isn’t Chris’, so they can’t touch any of it. If they do however follow this step, i can help him get away without paying them a penny, as long as he sticks to what i give him.

    b) They will contact the DWP (benefits agency) and claim to have a Court Order, to recover monies owed, and that the DWP are to deduct x amount of £ a week from his Benefits. This too is illegal, but in all honesty, i don’t think Chris has the calmness and patience to fight this, so will probably just let them take it from his Benefit money.

    Basically, the Councils in the UK are corrupt as fuck, and he could easily get away without paying it. But Chris is Chris, so the chances are, he’ll just tell them to fuck off and let them take it from his ESA, Then get it back in ‘DONATIONS’ lol.

  7. Dave

    Karl you want to HELP him avoid paying a debt?? CHRIST!

  8. Ryan, read the comments above. Somebody asked how the system works in the UK, and will he HAVE to pay it. I just pointed out that he DOESN’T have to by Law, although in reality, he probably will just end up letting them take it from his Benefits, even though LAWFULLY, they can’t make him.

  9. Dave

    you said “I can help him get away without paying a penny” – you support fraud. You’re a plonker.

    1. Ryan, your Autism is escalating at a rapid rate mate. Since when does helping somebody know their legal rights, become supporting fraud? You are being idiotic again, and if you can’t control your nonsense, then we are going to have to just ignore your future rants, and let you try and post on the other blogs. Oh, sorry, you can’t can you 😉

  10. Dave

    it’s not a legal right to avoid paying a debt. It’s called avoidance. You’re a fucking moron.

    1. Ryan, you’re knowledge on UK Laws is on par with that of a Goldfish! 1) It is NOT a debt, it’s a Bill! A debt can only be classed as such if you have something in return, i.e his Rent. That would be a Debt because he was living in their property, in return what x-amount of £’s a week. Technically, he could say he was going to do the repairs himself, but the Council kicked him out.

      Anyway, the fact is, the Council are a Corporation, a for-profit registered Business. So any debt between the Council and Chris is a Civil case. Now the Council will try and intimidate him with all sorts of Court headed papers (which are photocopied btw) and threaten Bailiffs ( despite the fact that only a Court of Law can issue Bailiffs) but if he wanted to, then yes, he could quite easily not pay a penny of that repairs bill.

      I’m not saying it’s right, i’m just pointing out to the Anon who asked, how it will work, and if he MUST pay it or not.

      Now either come back with some sensible debate, preferably with a slight bit of knowledge on what you are talking about, or go and talk to the girls, they might want to listen to your nonsense.

      1. Dave

        Once again, you’re stuck on what is technically legal under the law and loopholes associated with it. I’m talking about a moral obligation to take care of things you’ve mucked up. He should be paying that back before he buys another single can of beer. He should be riddled with guilt about what he’s done and want to take care of it before anything else.

  11. Anon

    Same anon here who asked about UK law.

    Thanks for the excellent reply, Karl!

  12. jstevieo

    well , well , here we are , [hating to say i told him so ] exactly where i predicted he would be less than 2 months ago . My comments to Anna his mum about which inept social worker/services dept , deemed him responsable enough and able to both live alone , unsupported and left to manage his budget , were answered , well he can cook a meal [filling a pot noodle with boiling water i dont regard as culinary skills btw ! ] now i think , her willingness to let this happen was more driven by her desire to simply be rid of him , more than anything . Assisted living /sheltered housing , whatever way you wish to call it , his next court ordered episode of impending rejection /ejection and even lower spiraling downspin to disaster and the streets or prison or Mental /criminal psychiatric institution, the next phase im sure sexy will hope we can become a voyeur of . I cant see his next phase of social desireable solutions for sexy being a rousing success ,from the get go – i-usually you have to pay for said assisted support out of benefits -ii – i doubt sexys willingness to comply with required social norms enforced in such living quarters [i,e being able to do wtf he wants to do when he wants 24 7 ] most have strict no drugs/drink restrictions – iii- i seriously doubt any help/ or daily supervised visits shall accept or be willing to expose themselves to his hair trigger temper and instantly looming aggressive abusive attitude – iv -often assisted living also offers some sort of therapeutic / motivation activities to their residents i,e , yes that avoided 4 letter word WORK !! [omg !! imagine such a thing !! ] to give them a daily task to pass their time and /or pay for their lving there , i cant see that being a success either in sexys case . as i,d said to Anna and often if he comes to subject – that he desperately needed/needs help as i predict , him being a drugged down drooling cabbage in some lock up unit within a shorter rather than longer period of time , said help of course will only ever work IF and When , sexy deems it ok and acceptable , something i very much doubt . when someone is used to always getting their own way , be it by hook or by crook for some 25+ years , hes not going to like /accept or be willing to work with said “help ” the judge has ordered . I ,d sussed by his sullen ,withheld attitude that something was up and it took some days befoe it leaked out of him adorned by his usual pathological lies and obfuscation of the facts . i cant really fathom Karls offer of ,providing Chris with the methods of avoiding the debts he has incurred and put upon himself by his selfish and disregarding actions , destroying a perfectly good habitable home and then suggesting a way for him to avoid paying for the repairing of his destructive ways and costs incurred by the council or housing association, i would imagine if Karl took a guest or tennant in , in a hypothetical situation and suffered such damage wanton destruction , he would expect some form of compensation to cover the costs necessary to repair things back to its former state . i dont doubt sexys willingness and desire to avoid his responsabilities regarding ALL the debts hes incurred , as hes openly said , he never paid for his rent in penine gardens or willingness to repay the subsequent repayment plans offered to him , my take is suggesting a way for him to avoid these recent costs is just adding to the burden UK tax payers already suffer due to a nation of sexy young parasites like chris . Whatever Karls motivations behind offering him a way out of “manning “up and accepting the social and financial implications of his actions is just , once again as always ,letting and showing chris how to get his own selfish , self centered and anti social way . If in fact councils are as corrupt as Karl would have you believe is one thing , but similar corrupt attitudes to repaying damage done , is still not going to change the facts 2 wrongs dont make a right , that said council /housing ass, offered a perfectly fine home to a tennant , expecting as they do , his side of the contract to be upheld = +- living there happily without disturbing the whole neighbourhood by , anti-social childish self centered behaviour and wanton disregard for his domicile or fellow tennants , which i think its fair to say chris failed in , in all aspects .Chris has been fatlipped but very tight lipped about another fact and reality , what happens to him when and If he dosent comply to court ordered assisted living ,Help , the next chapter of the saga of sexy? …. shall the drooling incarcerated cabbage scenario arrive sooner than any of us expects ? we,ll see ? i dont think i need to state my thoughts on him shirking his responsability and those offering assistence in avoiding what each of us consider fair – if one goes into a porcelin shop and breaks stuff …erm people expect you to pay for the damage done , not mollycoddle him even more by saying , no porcelin store you should have had a sign on the door saying clumsy , drunken childlike customers have an automatic payment plan to reimburse us , for any damages , a plan we expect you NOT to pay , so come on in and wreck the shop at your will . what a world we live in eh !!?

    1. Anon

      Steve, you’re a reasonably intelligent man, so I’d just like to remind you that paragraphs are allowed on this blog.

  13. Pikeman

    Hello folks 🙂

    Not posted in a while, and hopefully there will be some paragraphs too in what i am going to say 😀 (sorry steveo!) a lot of of people have tried to help chris and tell him and warn him on about trying to get his shit together as i think we all saw this coming a mile off, chris did show on casts (and via skype too i like to point out) letters that pointed to a potential eviction or for money owed to unpaid rent.

    Now i can say when if you get into trouble with a local council,they will inform you many times that “X” bill needs to be paid,everytime a correspondence from the council is not addressed an charge on top of the bill in incurred and it get’s to a point where they,the council, will call upon bailiffs to come and visit to address the person in question if the letters and bill’s go un-answered,and then a list of goods will be detailed by the bailiffs and a agreement can be made to pay whatever is owed back, if you do not stick to that plan, they can come back and take your goods.

    Now i know for a fact that a bailiff can not come into your home,unless they have an Judgement passed by a county or crown court,but if you open the door and let them in (even if they have not got an order!) you can not do anything about it as you have more or less invited them in and i know that’s the truth as i have been on the receiving end of a bailiffs visit and also have done debt collections myself too 🙂

    Back to chris, i think whenever a person rents a property from a landlord,whether it’s private or commercial you enter into a legal contract with them,now chris (sorry to say) has broke that contract with the people who were responsible for running that flat (Either council run or Housing association) and there would be t&c’s in that contract saying what might happen if you stop paying Rent.
    And because of this fact they, the council might be able to by law evict a tennant (which is what has happened), and then deduct money owed from the benefits a tennant get’s if they do not work, do not quote me on that btw, but i know if a council can approach an employer to take money out of someones wages for a bill or money owed i am sure a council can approach another govermental dept and do something similar.

    1. Hi Gaz,

      This is where there’s a lot of confusion. Bailiffs can only be instructed to act by a Court of Law, and yes, they can break in and take goods if necessary. But as the Council are nothing more than a corporation, they can’t get a Bailiff order for the simple fact, it’s a Civil case, and as it’s not Unlawful to owe money, there’s not a Judge in the land that would entertain it.

      So what they do, is print up a load of bullshit, threatening to send Bailiffs ( which is imnpossible ) and try and scare the person(s) into just paying up. When that fails, they will sell the debt on to a Debt Collection Agency, for a much lower fee than what was originally charged. These Debt Collectors often send out letters, claiming to be Bailiffs ( which is fraud btw ) and often issue threats such as imprisonment. Of course, this is all bullshit, as they have no more power than your next door neighbour. The Law’s have changed regarding Debt Collectors now. At one time, they could enter through an open window, but that has now been made illegal.

      So, once these Debt Collectors realise you know the game, they will just send the debt back to the Council, and then they start sending their fake, fraudulent letters out again, and round it goes in circles.

      Regarding the AOE ( attachment of earnings ) yes, the Council do notify the DWP or your Employer, claiming to have a Court Liability Order and they are to deduct x-amount from your Benefits/Wages. Now, this is where the Councils commit fraud again, as they have no Liability Order, in fact, the Courts will know nothing about it ( i have rang Courts on 7 different occasions up to now, asking who signed an AOE order, and every single time, they haven’t a clue what i’m talking about, as it doesn’t exist.

      So a tip for anybody who ever happens to have this done to them. Ask your Employer for a copy of the AOE order. Obviously, they will say they don’t have one. Then you explain that without your consent, or an official Court Order, that they are committing fraud and you will have no option other than to issue them with a written Notice, outlining your decision to take Legal action.. Within a week, they will stop deducting any monies owed to the Council, trust me 😉

      Anyway, back to Chris. Yes, he trashed that place, caused his neighbours untold grief, and basically, was a lazy slob and a danger to himself and others. I’m not saying the Charge shouldn’t be made, i’m just explaining that Lawfully, he could refuse and argue his case on Contract Law amongst others. But this is Chris, so yeah, he’ll pay it one way or the other lol.

      1. Anon

        I just composed a reply to Gaz/Pike’s post, and I hadn’t yet seen yours, Karl.

        I think it comes down to the following: Chris could technically and legally fight a deduction from his benefits to repay his council bills, but he isn’t likely to, because he’s Chris. 😀

      2. Pikeman


        I was under the impression that depending on what sort of court that has issued such a thing as a AEO, a council can apply to a court (magistrates or crown, but not a county court) to go ahead with such a order to take so much money out of the persons wages, if it’s a magistrates or crown court that has done this the employer will get a letter or order, an employer has to by law to deduct so much money off the wages.

        I know that you can, if you have such an order against you, apply for a N56 form if you think that it’s causing you such an hardship, but then the courts will start looking at all your finances to see if you can afford or not afford to pay it.

        Anyway, if you are a council tenant the law is slightly different in regards to how they get the money back.

        1. This is where the Councils are corrupt. They know very well that they can’t get a Court order, so they will send your employer/DWP either an email, or a letter, claiming they have a Liability Order issued against you. Naturally, after all the propaganda they put out about them, people just take their word for it, and start deducting said amount from your Benefits/Wages. Yet you phone the Council and ask which Judge, or Clerk to the Justices has signed off the Court Order, and they will do 1 of 2 things. They will either hang up on you, or start talking Legalise, to make you feel intimidated.

          The truth is, they have absolutely fuck all. They are just a business, no different to McDonalds, when it comes to forcing monies from people. They can ask, they can send fake letters and imaginary Liability Orders, but as long as you stand your ground with them, there is nothing they can do.

          The Rent arrears are the same. It’s all Contract Law, and for somebody like Chris, it would be easy to dispute the Contract he signed up with them when he took the Tenancy. But as you’ve experienced Gaz, you can’t help Chris, so they will get their money, and Chris will get it back through donations, so nobody loses in the end 🙂

    2. Anon

      Thanks for the comments, Pikeman.

      Based on what you and Karl have stated, it seems that council may try to bluff, if you will, and deduct payments from Chris’s benefits.

      And “bluff” means council may avoid obtaining real court orders to deduct payments, and simply claim they are authorised to do so.

      Very interesting. At the moment, I tend to agree with Karl’s comments that Chris likely will not fight council, even though he could, and instead he will acquiesce and allow them to deduct payments from his benefits.

  14. Anon

    BTW, we in the US have no concept of a “council” level of government.

    To us, the levels of government are town/city->county->state->Federal. And even the relative power of each level tends to vary from state to state, except of course at the Federal level, which is supreme under the Constitution.

    The point is, as your blog grows, Mr Davies, I’d suggest that there are concepts that are specific to the UK (such as “council” government) and it would be helpful to provide some tips/hints to non-UK readers about what is meant, to help your blog grow!

    Otherwise, it’s a wonderful blog, and much better than the alternatives, which I think we all know.

    Thank you, sir!

    1. Thank you for the kind comments Sir. I haven’t got a clue how US Laws work, but UK Law is something i’ve had to study for a long time now, mainly because in the UK, if you hire a Solicitor/Lawyer, you are almost certainly fucked. I’m no Solicitor by any means, but i’ve won a fair few battles down the years 🙂

      The problem we have here is there is Law, and then are there are what they call Statutes and Acts. The latter being where all the corruption and lies evolve from.

      Anyway, glad you enjoy it here, and hopefully we are going for a whole new look/layout soon, and hopefully add some more features.

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