NorthernMonkeys Had A Hard Weekend

5 Thoughts to “NorthernMonkeys Had A Hard Weekend”

  1. Dave

    Still jealous of them aye? I’m havin a giggle at your expense.

    1. What is hilarious Ryan, is it only took you 4 posts as your new ‘Dave’ account before you started defending the girls lolol. As you have seen in the past when Shez and Dicky have tried using VPN’s and changing IP’s, it still flags them as who they are from the original IP 😉

      I had a bet with one of our staff that you would struggle, but hold out for at least double figures before you started sulking lol. Now i owe her a tenner!!

      But we’ve been watching you since you tried coming back in disguise, and so far you have been ok. Start trying to cause rows with other people’s comments, over the most ridiculous statements like last time, and i promise you, you will NEVER get a post on here again.

      Now be a good boy, and talk sense, and we’re all happy then 🙂

  2. Dave

    There is no talking sense to you. You’re a complete fucking moron Richard. This I’ve known for months. Serious psychological problems and obsession with people because they would not accept you as one of their group. You even bought a hat to be like Soultrain at one time!! You’re a copying loser with no originality, and you contradict yourself many times over. You used to kiss these peoples arses and now you’re condemning them all because you couldn’t join their blog. Whine whine, bitch and moan, nobody cares. You’re a joke.

    1. Oops, looks like Ryan hit the wrong tab 🙂

  3. The Fly Swatter

    🙂 🙂 Lolz

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