Steven And Mum To Evict SexyChris?

Despite it all starting off so well, Chris has been back to his nasty, abusive tantrums, aimed mainly at his Mum and Steven again.

So while he was at the Doctors, we get to hear just what his Mum and Step-Dad think about Chris’ plans to stay at his Mums house full time.


Maybe, just maybe, that cocky, arrogant attitude of his, is going to brought right back down to earth 🙂









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One Thought to “Steven And Mum To Evict SexyChris?”

  1. The Fly Swatter

    Chris aint as stupid as he makes out, glad stevens putting his foot down, chris has had his own way far to long its why he acts like a spoilt brat. LOL though at Fumigate the place. thats a classic.

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