MichelleStacy’s Lies Catch Up With Her

..and i f*ckin missed it arrgghh. My email was on fire with screenshots and reports of her being in Foxmans channel, when people started posting the link to this

Now, by all accounts, she was denying it, claiming that we Photoshopped the screenshots, and making out she had never even contacted Gofundme to get Fox’ teeth fund stopped.

Here is a couple of screenshots taken from the cast:



As you can see, she’s quite the bullshitter. Apparently, she was giving it all the usual ” if i reported you Foxman, i’d just tell you”

That was until, more and more people confirmed that those screencaps were genuine, then she changed to “well, if i did, i don’t remember”

What a lying retard she is. If anybody has got it on video, could you be so kind as to send it in please, i want to hear her try and squirm her way out of it lol.

Well, as i predicted two days ago, what she would do once Foxman is no longer any use to her….

UKM quote about MS

And turn on Fox is what she did.


Hahaha, she’s just so predictable 🙂

She talks about Foxman being weak. How weak do you have to be, to be too scared to own up and admit you are a liar? That’s weak Miss Piggy!

So glad we were of help Foxman 🙂

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5 Thoughts to “MichelleStacy’s Lies Catch Up With Her”

  1. bitch boy

    Hey Darren hows it going buddy, we got aaaallllll your info now get ready for the shitstorm kunt

  2. lol, who’s Darren? Shitstorm lol, is this another Richard Swann moment, and are you gonna take us down blah blah blah 😉

    1. Anonymous


      1. Oh you legend lol. The woman that thought she could never be found haha. Have you give it Shawnio? He will love this 🙂

        1. Anonymous

          :))) *merry christmas* (party) !! yes. but Shawnio doesnt answer me. I sent it to IP. that should be enough 🙂

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