Nathan – Mr Blue Sky Is At It Again

Remember all the denial of being racist from Nathan, over that Skype call with CherryBreeze? Well, i suppose we are making this up too eh Nathan?

Here is Nathan, Mr BlueSky, in Menellies Youtube cast, talking to Baboultr:

Nathan racist on Bab 0

Nathan racist on Bab

Although, he’s not racist of course, he’s just misunderstood 😉

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10 Thoughts to “Nathan – Mr Blue Sky Is At It Again”

  1. Dave

    Oh he’s admitted to being racist on skype calls, says ‘yes I’m a racist, there is nothing wrong with it” – wish I had the clip.

  2. The Corner Shop

    He’s a racist theres no denying it, he was going on with himself last time like this calling people, he a nasty racist troll.

  3. Baboultr

    I don’t know why he has to use that word. In Menellies stream he also said he was calling me a Paki For revenge or something, Because “I made a blog post about him being racist” Bloody hell it never ends does it? Lol

    1. Yeah i know mate, i was watching. He’s an idiot. He still blames you for this site, that’s how much of a dumb fuck he is. Sorry you are having to take all this shit Babs. I’ve tried telling people it’s not you that runs this, but you know what they are like. They pluck a name from out of the air, and accuse them, then the next day, somebody else gets named as the owner.

      1. Baboultr

        Yeah Its fine I have thick skin so I can take it I just laugh about it tbh And I appreciate that Thanks.

        1. Good lad, it’s the only way to be. Somebody asked me one day why i don’t get wound up with being called every name under the sun? The way i look at it, if your next door neighbour knocked on one day and said “hey, i’ve just been speaking to some stranger in another continent, and he said you’re a cunt” You would laugh for a second or two, then forget all about it.

          1. Baboultr

            Exactly! ?

  4. Anonymous

    Nathan Gronan is not a racist

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