SexyChris: I Do Nothing For Free

Chris has become one of the internet’s best scammers and manipulators out there. Yet still people refuse to believe he’s doing it deliberately.

Ok, watch the following three video’s, then tell me, that this is a guy who doesn’t understand what he’s doing 😉

First off, Chris holds his followers to ransom. Either pay up, or you don’t get to see him!


Then, just to show how his mind works, listen to what he says when his Mum asks him to make her a coffee..


I quote ” i can’t, i’m disabled, and i don’t get any money for that” Now some will say he was just joking, but if you watch him as much as we do, you’ll know that whether it was said consciously or subconsciously, that’s how his mind thinks. Chris has turned into this ‘person’ that wouldn’t even open the door to you unless you gave him something!

You only have to go back to when Amy was coming to see him, and she had no computer to get online. Despite Chris having about 3-4 laptops, laptops that we knew he would break (and did), when asked by somebody in his chat if he’s going to give Amy one of them to tide her over, his response was ” do i look stupid” She can borrow it for a few days, but she’s not having it, it cost me £40″ The same £40, which he had scammed from his ‘donators’ by the way!

This is the same Amy, the best thing that could of ever happened to him, that he was declaring his love for earlier that same day, and asking her to be his Girlfriend. Think it’s safe to say, she dodged a bullet there!

Anyway, like i always say, Karma is always watching you, and when you’ve been a c*nt, she will ALWAYS repay you.

Listen to his disgust, when he checks on Alvaro’s Paypal donation:


This all started when Chris was begging again, and Alvaro Skyped him, waving wads of Dollar’s around on webcam. Chris’ eyes literally saw £ signs, so when Alvaro said he was going to donate, Chris was expecting plenty of booze money.

Sadly for him, but hilariously for the rest of us, his donation came to the staggering amount of…12p lol!








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3 Thoughts to “SexyChris: I Do Nothing For Free”

  1. Anon

    Well done, Alvaro!

    Chris almost started salivating when Alvaro cammed up with his cash.

    Keep it up!

  2. The Bastard

    Chris While is a wanker, La, lalala, La, lalala

  3. Anon

    I see that chris vile is up to his old tricks blackmailing his sheep and brian6 was the idiot this time who buckled and paid up so the benefit cheat could go and get more booze. Now he has a whole shit load of stuff from god knows where bought and paid for by us the workers. When someone does try to help all they get told is to fuck off and then banned. Chris cant handle the truth it’s time this stupid little boy grew up and its a horrible thing to say but with his attitude one day he will get the crap beaten out of him and I wont feel sorry for him in the least

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