So MichelleStacy Offers To Dox UKM? (Updated)

Well after giving out our supposed dox to everybody in Scuttlebutts chatbox, look what some lovely Anon just sent in πŸ™‚


MS dox

You know i would normally black out family members, but this evil bitch thinks it’s fine to show a persons dead Mother all over the Internet, so fuck you Theresa πŸ™‚

* All credit goes to the Anon that traced the Ginger Pig.

Original here Β MS Dox?

Or hereΒ


Further evidence that thatΒ isΒ the same MichelleStacy that parades around Social Webcasting sites, spreading shit about people, doxing people, and being a general bitch….

MS dox1


MS school class

**Added for lulz:

MS dox24

MS dox25

*Updated for even more lulz:

So Michelle isn’t called Theresa, she doesn’t live with John, and all her alleged information is incorrect?

So why is she going round claiming we are going to be shut down for doxxing her?

You see, she’s in a lose/lose situation here. Either she has to try and keep up this embarrassing charade of pretending it’s not her and can’t report shit! or, she has to admit that she has finally been revealed and all the info is true, before she can report anybody πŸ™‚

Oh, and Terri, don’t mean to really rub your nose in it, but 1) Doxxing is NOT illegal 2) you haven’t been doxxed. Well, not in the sense of a real Dox. Your address has been blanked out, there is no telephone numbers shown, and no email addresses given. Yes, we have all of them, but they have not been posted, so good luck with that one.

In fact, the only things posted, are what YOUΒ have posted online πŸ™‚

We have been given even more info that confirms it’s her, but the Anon didn’t say whether to release it now, or wait. So until i hear confirmation, i will keep it offline for now.


Ok Theresa, you still insist that the name ‘Theresa’ was a name you made up for a TV show?

Once again, credit to the Anon for finding all this info. I wouldn’t of ever posted any of this if she hadn’t been such a gobshite, claiming to have our Dox, and bragging on ScuttleButts chat that she will give it out to everyone.

Yes, she’s an evil, nasty, twisted bitch, but we still wouldn’t of posted any of this info if she hadn’t got so butthurt over us exposing her as a liar over the Foxman incident, which then lead her to her shooting her big fat mouth off, claiming she is going to supposedly Dox us all here.

You have pissed so many people off over the years Terri, and as i always say, eventually, Karma will come along and take a big shit on your head.

And you’ve just been Karma’d Miss Pig. Enjoy πŸ™‚

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

19 Thoughts to “So MichelleStacy Offers To Dox UKM? (Updated)”

  1. Red Mist

    Glad you shared this Karl, She’s a nasty piece of work, hope the pig gets bought down into the swill she belongs in.

  2. Anonymous

    100% PROOF >>>>

    1. There will be a lot of people out there who will be ready to buy you a drink, whoever you are Anon πŸ™‚ Especially, i would imagine, the lady who had her deceased Mother’s dead body posted over the Internet.

  3. Anonymous

    Why so quiet Theresa? its been 48 hours now since I told You that Your real name is T—–a. What`s wrong ? Are You so butthurt that You suddenly stopped being AN ASSHOLE and BULLY ? Or are You busy deleting Your twitter account and prove we are right ??

  4. anon

    look i wanna believe this but it doesnt check out.. Jsteveo on his cast said she and her man run a crime scene cleanup in stp and the site said her name was stephanie and william. so.. grain of salt..

    1. It’s definitely her. jsteveo isn’t going to give out his mates real name on Vaughn is he? Yes, Theresa said her and her fella run a crime scene clean up business, but she also swore blind that she didn’t report Foxmans Gofund me!

      She’s a compulsive liar, and she was careful in hiding her tracks up to a point, but, it’s her, all the links in the screencaps are real and still exist πŸ™‚

    2. Anonymous

      WELL she said on her twitter that their name were Terri & John. DOES this sound like “Stephanie and William” ?? DUDE, take Your meds !

  5. Pig_Destroyer

    Ah brilliant. This nasty cunt wormed her way into Scuttles thinking she could go about spreading whatever shit she likes, Karma is a bitch, eh? I also know of one person who she thinks is her friend who only acts nice to her because of what a psycho Michelle is, there is probably many more.

    I hope the cunt dies soon.

  6. Anonymous

    poor lil Theresa. Last time she called someone a “TURD” was 2 days ago. why so shy suddenly ???

  7. Plus she was always banging on about her bloke being from England, Well, John is probably one of the most popular names in the UK.

  8. Anonymous

    she can`t even deny it. LMAO. she gave us way too much info. PRAISE TWITTER ! πŸ™‚

  9. Anonymous

    LMAO. the ShitBlog is so butthurt. ask them “hey where is Theresa” and BAAAAAM they will ban You. hahaha

    1. lol, i’ve had a few screenshots sent in from earlier. Apparently somebody kept asking where she was was and they all started hating on us lol?

      I’m just doing one more video, then i will pop over and see what threats they are giving out now πŸ™‚

  10. Anonymous

    THEY just banned me for posting the name “THERESA” . lol . that PIG is MAD as hell

    1. lol, i’m just going through their chat, jesus wept, they are fuming lol. It’s a shame it’s come to this, as it wasn’t an attack on Scuttles or anyone else, it was to prove that the pig has been caught. But it seems they are all going to send me pizza’s now (lolololol) and are attacking this blog like they do every blog who doesn’t like somebody on there.

      Let them waffle on with all their idle threats, they are out of their league. In the meantime, lets enjoy watching that big, fat, ginger pig Terri squirm πŸ™‚

  11. anon19

    according to her follow list her mans name isnt Binder its Shellshear. John Shellshear
    if the twitter dissapears that will be the clincher if its for real.
    we now have the addys for cisar, lardner and martinez/shellshear.

    Cisar (anon7991/perfectscore) just announced ‘halloween specials’ for Filly at timhortons and Whirlwind’s tonight and saturday night, possibly pizza, craigslist or Swat, screencap it and be on alert, excellent work

  12. That’s Terri done, dusted and goodnight Vienna. Any more denials and she’s going to make not just herself, but ScuttleButts Blog, look stupid beyond belief.

  13. Anonymous

    hahahaha @ the video :-)) well done

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