MichelleStacy Is Destroyed!

Well well well. She’s not taking her real identity being made public too well is our pig.  The big difference in this case, compared to when Shawnio thought he had her with the mugshots is, she really is distraught.

Remember, she was casting virtually the same day, bragging, showing the mugshots, telling people it wasn’t her.

Now, she is subdued, not even posting in the shitbox till late on in the day. This is a broken woman. And when you are broken, you lose the will to fight it, and even when you do, you make fatal errors.

Now whoever pulled her in to this one, is a very clever person, because she fell for it, hook, line, and sinker!

MS dox23

When people are under stress, they don’t think rationally. Now here is where she confirms 100%, that she’s busted!

Lets take this as if it’s you. Now, say your name is Shawn for instance, and you live in Toronto (sorry Fox)

So somebody claims they have your real name, and they post in a chat box, ‘there is only 1 Brian in Toronto’

Straight away, you would naturally think to yourself, ‘ there might be, who cares’ because you know it’s not you.

By trying to justify that there will be, and i quote ” shit loads” of people called Theresa in St Petersburg, she is desperately trying to convince people that she’s not been found.

Terri, the games up! You’ve been found, you are devastated and you are making far too many mistakes.

My advice? Say nothing and just hope it blows over.

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4 Thoughts to “MichelleStacy Is Destroyed!”

  1. Dave

    While I agree Michelle or whoever she is – is a total cunt, I don’t agree with your logic. That kind of response does not at all say someone is admitting anything. I think you find way too many ‘tells’ that aren’t true.

  2. Justice

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving vile cunt. Well done!

  3. Anonymous


  4. DavidAntler

    This bitch is mine

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