SexyChris: Lobster Farts And Bra’s

I know people ask why we feature Chris so much. The truth is, you can watch and record every cast he ever does, and there will always be a talking point. I’ve trawled through hours of other casts, and not found one thing worth posting about.

So with that, we come to yesterdays cast, where Chris dons his new King of Ivlog t-shirt, eats Lobster, and explains why he got threw out of Cash Converter’s


So with his £8.50 Sea friend tasting like shit, Chris explains how his day goes from bad to worse, when he tried to purchase goods from his local Cash Converters.


So with no dinner, and being chucked out of the shop, what better way to  see the day out, than having a dance with your Mum’s underwear on?

Credit to the Anon for sending these in.

Chris dances with his mums bra on 1


Chris dances with mums bra on

Chris dances with mums bra on 2

Chris dances with his mums bra on 3

Could you imagine if Chris, Anna and Stephen were to have their own Kardashian style Documentary?

They would be Millionaires lol.

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One Thought to “SexyChris: Lobster Farts And Bra’s”

  1. Angie2013

    Thats one thing i could never eat Lobster, oh and them tinned plum tomatoes if some one gave bet me £100 to eat them both i’d refuse.

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