RealmanPwns Stays Loyal To Theresa

Despite the way she has talked shit about him since she saw her ass with Realman, when put on the spot by Joe Walsh, he stayed true to himself.

He didn’t want to grass her up, but at the same, he didn’t want to lie. But the look on his face when Joe gave him the link to here, say’s it all.

*Apologies for the buffering in the video. Due to STILL not being connected to Fibre at this place, i am running on ADSL! Been promised i will be upgraded back to Fibre again one day this week.



That’s why i’ve always had a lot of respect for RM. What you see is what you get. Rather than pretend it’s not Terri, he did the right thing and neither confirmed or denied that the ginger pig has finally been revealed.

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