Welcome To Sexy’s New Business

Somebody in the chat came up with a brilliant idea to get SexyChris his own money, and even his own Business. Such a simple, yet great way to make money, and please his hundreds of adoring, pantie throwing, female followers.

Welcome to sexyscrubs4u.com. Here is a promo video of just why this is a cleaning Business with a difference.

*Once again, apologies for the buffering, nothing i can do till they fix up Fibre here.

So come on Ladies, who’s going to be the first one to pay for an hour of Sexy’ cleaning? Anybody booking for more than 40 minutes gets the ‘full works’






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2 Thoughts to “Welcome To Sexy’s New Business”

  1. Peggy's Pantry

    I’m sure that hoover was sending SOS messages, as for the cleaning my humble abode already has a Butler to do this. but if he ever needs a holiday i know who to call.

  2. Anon

    I wouldnt let chris out my rabbits hutch let alone my house, i wouldnt have that vile repulsive creature anywhere near me plus i bet half my belongings would go missing expecially in the drinks cabinet

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