UKM Hits Republic Of Korea

While going through our Cloudflare dashboard last night, l noticed we had over 130 visits from the Republic of Korea.

Rep of Korea visit the blog1


Now, while the South is a lot more democratic than the North, Internet there is still extremely restricted. Especially Blogs, where you still need Government approval.

So, it looks like even the South Korean Government have come to have a look at what’s happening in the Social Broadcasting world.

So from all of us here at UKM, welcome and annyeonghaseyo (and if that’s incorrect, blame Google)

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4 Thoughts to “UKM Hits Republic Of Korea”

  1. Dave

    probably just someone on a VPN

    1. You can’t get VPN’s based in Korea. People living there, if they are fortunate enough to be online, are restricted, unless they use a VPN that’s based in another Country. But then it wouldn’t show up as Republic of Korea.

      It will be hackers, wanting to see if they can get in. That’s why i said a cheeky hello lol 😉

  2. Jam_Donut

    That would most likely be vaughnLive caster CarlosDangerr who was teaching in Korea.

  3. Ah yes, of course. I forgot about Emma. I thought she had returned to the UK, but that would explain it. Thanks.

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