Steeliehead: My Money And Depression (Updated)

Without wanting to sound cold hearted, and kick a guy when he’s down, i think it’s fair to say, that we all knew that Cameron’s tales of owning property and being a Multi-Millionaire were just that, tales!

But at least he’s owned up now, and he tells us where his money really comes from.



If you’ve been watching him the last few days, you’ll know he’s staying at Loveleigh’s house, apparently under some suicide watch? Now if that’s true or not, i don’t know. But one thing is for sure, and that’s that here, you have a guy who’s feeling severely depressed, nowhere to stay, and as we’ve just found out, doesn’t have the Millions he claimed, and is in fact, living on Welfare.

So isn’t a good job that when one of your Mods, an online friend, hears you say you are about to commit suicide right now, they have your back, and will try and talk you out of it.

MS hopes Steelie hangs himself

Welcome to the world of MichelleStacy!


Looks like things took a turn for the worse yesterday. This is a screencap Joe Walsh posted:

Steelie and Loveleigh suicide


If things are that bad, Steelie needs to be sectioned for his own safety. I don’t know what’s brought this on, but we wish him all the best, and hope he gets the help he desperately needs!







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