We Owe SexyChris an Apology

I was dubious at first, when Chris said he had been evicted, the same day as his Court appearance? I’ve never heard of that before, because usually, you will receive a letter explaining the Court decision, and a date for you to leave the premises.

Anyway, 2 days later and he’s still at his Mums, so i think he must be genuinely booted. Now the apology comes because of this:


Now if it’s this video they shown then i should of hosted it on our private server, instead of Vid.me or Youtube.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but i didn’t expect anybody to really send it to the Courts/Housing etc. People threaten all sorts of shit online, and 99.9% is just fake talk, but somebody has snitched, and snitching is the lowest of the low!

So, if that video was the one that got Chris evicted, then all we can do is apologise, and make sure certain videos go on to our private servers from now on.







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3 Thoughts to “We Owe SexyChris an Apology”

  1. Roofus Troofus

    He was given 60 days notice to be out ages back. Chris laughed it off and said they weren’t going to do anything even with the paperwork they provided for their reasons for eviction (behind on rent, noise complaints were what he mentioned it said). Then, fast forward to the day before he was evicted, he was given a thick stack of paperwork with the opportunity to show up at court (of course he didn’t… he said he didn’t have to go). Also, the cops had been watching his channel for 3 months and had been recording the channel themselves and had seen the fire he made (according to what the cop told Chris the morning before he was evicted).

    Chris told people ages back about the 60 days notice, but everyone said he was lying because he didn’t seem worried at all about it. People just assumed he made it up to get pity so people would donate to him. TBH, I wouldn’t feel badly about it, he was warned again and again about the noise complaints and not paying rent. He has no sense on consequences.

  2. Sean

    100% it was that gossip girl Jstevio that was behind sending it to the courts. He’s talked of doing such things, along with reporting Chris for fraud. He done many of these things to VonHelton too. He’s a slimey cunt

  3. Anon

    Chris gets what he deserves he scrounges from the state he begs on line and what money he does get he spends on booze i dont feel sorry for him one little bit. He treats people especially women like shit although if they are stupid enough to let him thats down to them i never have and never will feel sorry for this manipulative piece of trash

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