Renegadefaith Does Blonde

Our favourite Aussie, Faith, has been at that hair dye again. But doesn’t she look gorgeous with her hair blonde?

Renegadefaith goes blonde

Renegadefaith goes blonde1

Renegadefaith goes blonde2

Renegadefaith goes blonde3

Nic is spot on here. Faith is just lovely. She’s kind, sensitive, honest, pretty, and most important than all, i 100% believe she would be totally faithful to her man.

If somebody was to ask me would i sleep with any girls on VL, i could probably name three, maybe four.

If they asked me could i fall in love with any girls on VL, then there would only be one name that would be mentioned.

That’s our Faith <3

Faith, if you read this, just DON’T date anybody from VL, or any other casting site, because they are all (myself included) pigs!

Don’t even look for love, it will come to you when it’s time, and when it does, we wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy every single day.

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5 Thoughts to “Renegadefaith Does Blonde”

  1. akmir el hussein alirmarriah

    errrrr, bush pig much ?!

  2. She’s lovely, leave her alone lol.

  3. Anon

    No matter what colour she dyes her hair she still looks like chucky and she is always drunk

  4. Renegadefaith

    Wow! UKM… you just made my day! Thankyou SO much for such kind words! Casting takes its toll on me sometimes.. the trolls are relentless.. but this has made it all worth it! You’re a peach xx

  5. You’re welcome Faith. I know the trolls try and get you upset, but you shouldn’t let them. They only hate on you because you are so popular. You have a lot of people who love you on VL, and that gets on the trolls tits lol.

    Angela136 and yourself, are by far the most genuine people on VL. Neither of you hate on people, neither of you spread rumours about other casters, and you are both polite and respectful to everybody, despite some of the abuse you both get.

    Let the haters hate, who cares? You’re a good woman with a good heart, and all the abuse in the world can never change that. XX

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