Johnny Cardinal: Number1 And The Smelly Fingers

Poor old Johnny. It’s not very often that his viewer amount passes double figures. So when he was featured early this morning, with 149 viewers, he went, predictably, nuts!

After declaring it his best day ever, and thanking Miss Scruffy (although i’m pretty sure she would of been asleep in bed) he even got up and showed the girls his six(teen) pack.

Chris does nothing for free1

Chris does nothing for free2

Chris does nothing for free3


And as the audience grew, the more confident he became. Even responding to a request to get up and have a quick dance.


Despite that rancid, infected belly button on show, he, and the majority of the trolls viewers enjoyed themselves 🙂

Chris does nothing for free4

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

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