SexyChris’ Debut Cast From New Flat

After the broadcasting community having been Chris-less for the past few days, it was a relief to so many that the self proclaimed King of Vaughn, returned to their screens.

So, from the confines of his new luxury abode, the sexy one was back. And back with a bang!


Chris, pissing people off?? Never!

The odd thing about this story is, getting punched from a boyfriend for looking at his woman. This shit happens everyday in pubs and nightclubs etc.

But getting punched off the girls Mother, and then to be branded a Paedophile, fuck, how old was this girl you were ‘looking’ at Chris?

Anyway, as nobody saw it, we can only speculate on the reason he got punched. Four times he got whacked in the kipper though. Ouch!

But even being slapped about can’t keep a real King down! So after a few glasses of the infamous Frosty Jacks Cider, the sexy one put on a stunning performance of his now legendary Hokey Cokey.

This is Gold!!


Think we should start taking bets as to when his first noise complaint arrives 😉

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4 Thoughts to “SexyChris’ Debut Cast From New Flat”

  1. Ben the Bastard

    The Modem is his friend

  2. Chippy Tea

    He looks like one of them string puppets doing that dance, but with the strings attached the wrong way lol, as for him getting punched there be more to it, chris only gives out his version.

  3. Dave

    the UK seems like a very hostile place, people don’t go around punching each other where I live. There’s no such thing here as ‘looking at someone the wrong way’.

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve never seen anyone go so nuts for that song before, retard songs for retarded people I guess. What a noise he makes too, good job he is in a “rough area” no one will probably even notice..

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