Rizzo’s Random Rants

Have you noticed how Rizzo can be just sat there, chilling to his music, no drama in his room, when suddenly, he’ll just think of somebody, totally random, and start bashing them?

Can you imagine Rizzo going on a date? Half way through the evening, he suddenly shouts out ” by the way there UKM, you are a fucking idiot, who’s too scared to Skype me, aye aye cherry pie”

You just know the woman is sneaking out of the toilet windows 🙂








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3 Thoughts to “Rizzo’s Random Rants”

  1. Chippy Tea

    I’ve noticed that with Rizzo’ he says random casters name and starts slagging them off even though there not signed in his room, think he does it either to get viewers to argue back with him or to agree with him.
    Either that or he’s just a grumpy old fart.

  2. jstevieo

    oh Boy ! da beear is nu kikin in , smoothlee , cherry belch pie .

  3. Dave

    He gets drunk and angry and paranoid and jealous of anyone who has views…

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