It’s Pennine Gardens All Over Again

What was supposed to be a new place, a new start for the Sexy, has quickly become Pennine Gardens, part 2.

Remember how it started as a newly decorated, clean flat, but quickly became a vomit soaked shithole?

Well, welcome to Chris’ new flat.


He really is a liability isn’t he. A guest pointed out that one day he’s going to fall asleep with a lit cigarette in his hand. God forbid. But you almost expect something to go seriously wrong every time he gets in this state, whether it be setting his flat alight, or falling on broken glass and cutting himself to pieces.




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4 Thoughts to “It’s Pennine Gardens All Over Again”

  1. Chippy Tea

    History repeats itself with chris, He gets wasted smashes spirit bottles,leaves glass on floor trashes the place makes loads of noise, shows us all his booze over over and again, how he has not yet had a serious accident is just luck. Oh and the mouse it was behind the cans 🙂

  2. This is from Facebook

    Christopher While
    7 hrs ·
    I cant do this any more wish my mum would let me stay at hers for a cople of nights as its 4 45am and people was souting kicking doors even took my wifi antenna from outside with the dongle and the wire i feel unwanted by my family why me sat here crying and fucking cold someone talk to me

  3. Brokenmech

    How ironic the music playing “what comes up must come down”… like his pants and falling into a ton of cans.

  4. Dave

    He seriously has become a deep alcoholic. Needs help and rehab.

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