SexyChris Wants To Move Back Home

He was warned, time and time again, but his cocky, arrogant attitude dismissed it without a care in the world.

We are of course, talking about Chris, when he was staying at his Mums. Every single day he abused her, and Stephen, claiming he hated being there and couldn’t wait to get his own place.

Numerous times he was reminded that he wouldn’t get away with those antics at his new place, but Chris being Chris, thought he was untouchable, and he will be able to do what he wants, when he wants, anywhere.

Oh how quickly he’s come back down to earth!

Chris has his dongle stolen

There he is, cockiness non existent now, sobbing like a teenagers first night in prison.

This will sound harsh to any new readers to this blog, but everything he is describing with regards to his fears and feelings, are ironically, just how his poor Mother felt every night he stayed there.

‘Shouting’ ‘kicking doors’ sound familiar?

He was never going to get away with how he lived and treated people when he lived at home, or Pennine Gardens. Pennine was the perfect place for Chris. No noisy neighbours, no thugs, no drug dealers, just peace and quiet.

But what did he do? Totally trashed the place, and caused his poor neighbours, the exact same treatment he is getting dished out now.


He will look back now and think ‘ what i would give to be able to go back to Pennine’ because believe me, he will be very lucky if he ever gets anywhere like that again.

He thinks it’s bad because people were arguing and kicking doors? He wouldn’t last 5 minutes where i live lol. Round here, you are expected to glass/bottle your best friend in a pub fight before you gain any respect. I have witnessed best friends, literally bite ears off, stick broken bottles in eyes (2 now have false eyes) and stab each other.

So no Chris, you are not in some Ghetto, you are just learning that spitting your dummy out will no longer get you what you want. It will more likely get you put in Hospital.

Welcome to the real world my friend!

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One Thought to “SexyChris Wants To Move Back Home”

  1. Chippy Tea

    Chris now knows whats it like to live with a load of Chris’s where they only care about themselves and no one else, or any ones feelings.
    He’s had easy street to long, remember when he stole that vapor from the pub, he thought it was clever but he got caught on CCTV, guess whoever took his Wifi antenna/dongle thought that would be funny.

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