The Kings Farewell Cast From Mums

Well, that’s it. The end of an era. Sexy has been booted from Mothers, and is now in his new flat.

But as any King fit for purpose would do, he came back to VaughnLive to spend his last night casting from home, and to reclaim his throne.


He’s one of those people, that when he’s funny, he’s hilarious, and when he’s got his cocky attitude on, you want to pound his head with a lump hammer.

Maybe he’ll realise he’s being a dick, and apologise…



Nope, still being a tosser!

Just how Ruby can constantly have a go at Stephen, yet never once has a go at Chris, is totally beyond me.

I get she loves him, i get she feels loyalty towards him, but ffs Rubes, either be fair and condemn both, or leave poor Stephen alone. I am willing to bet that you would not find another man on this planet, that would put up with Chris, and take the abuse that he does.

Anna was talking about the Police having to come again the other night. You don’t need to be Einstein to figure that it will have been Chris being aggressive again.

For now though, he’s at his new flat, his poor Mother will get some peace, and the Sexy show is over for a few days.





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3 Thoughts to “The Kings Farewell Cast From Mums”

  1. Anon

    Ruby unfortunately seems to wear rose coloured specs when it comes to this vile creature as do many of his sycophants (although he is only important in their eyes). I think Stephen has been a saint to put up with his tantrums, foul mouthed, disgusting behaviour. I think he is going to a place where he will fit in perfectly with all the other low life scum who live there, maybe it will be the wakeup call he needs to realise the world does not revolve around him. I dont think his antics will work with his new neighbours

  2. Ben the Bastard

    (Chris back at Vaughnlive to lick some Scruffy CLIT) Thanks to the idiot that still sticks up for this mug who kicked me for saying that!

  3. Booze Cruise

    Chris needs to grow up, he has no respect for his mum or Steven, when his mum said to lazy for bathroom maybe thats what them soaking wet patches were, chris justs sits/lays there demanding things from mum/steven and if mum dares to go on her tablet she gets yelled at, its her house she pays the internet bill.
    And true to form he has his sulk on camera and throws the stop having a go, stop throwing it in my face line,
    How about you stop being nasty and argumentative Chris, and think about others for a changed.

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