When Theresa Met John: How It All Began

I’ve been holding on to this info for for a few days now, as i didn’t know if the Anon who provided it, wanted it made public yet.

But i saw them post it on Vaughn, so i’m guessing it’s fine to run it.

Why make this post? Well despite all the evidence proving otherwise, poor Michelle Theresa, is still insisting that it’s all lies, and that isn’t her name blah blah blah.

Sorry Terri, we don’t lie here. I personally checked all the info was valid before i posted it. Just to prove beyond any doubt that it’s genuine, we are going to explain how Terri first met her Boyfriend.


Back in 2009, before Vaughn even existed, MS used to spend a lot of her time on a Gaming Website called Mayngames.com, where she went under the alias piciulica2.  Proof of which is here:

MS as piciulica2-15

Those are Theresa’s email accounts, as shown in this screencap from Shawnio:

MS as piciulica2-17

At the time, Theresa was in a not so nice relationship with a guy called Matt ( aka mr545)

MS as piciulica2-18

Now John, better known as Logic (also Asasinul12) was a popular Mod on Mayngames, where Terri used to hangout.

Somehow, she managed to pull the poor bloke, and fell head over heals in love with him (probably because nobody else decent would have her lol)

MS as piciulica2-19

Not quite the heartless hard bitch she tries to portray is she 😉

Just to prove that this is genuine, here’s some more posts between the two:

MS as piciulica2-02

MS as piciulica2-04

Ok, let’s just see more evidence that John, is her John. Here she is wishing him Happy Birthday on the 18th August:

MS as piciulica2-26

MS as piciulica2-08

She has deleted the gif, but the interesting thing about this screencap, is when you click on the link to view her bucket, look what name it’s under 😉

MS as piciulica2-28

Don’t believe me, try it yourself


Which brings you to this


Terri Cox. Now where have we heard that before?

MS as piciulica2-16

That’s right, another of her aliases.

Lets take a look at some of their online conversations again:

MS as piciulica2-11

MS as piciulica2-21

MS as piciulica2-22

MS as piciulica2 -23

MS as piciulica2-24

It’s fair to say that it’s common knowledge that the pig is a compulsive liar, but remember her claiming they owned two businesses and they were reasonably well off.

Hmm, then i would of thought that they would be living in something bigger than a 2 bedroom apartment…

MS as piciulica2-13

my apartment?

Terri lives in apartment 2. In fact, you could move next door to the pig if you got desperate enough, as apartment 1 is, or least was, up for rent.

Must be expensive i hear you say. Nah, $850 a month.

MS as piciulica2-14

I think this clears up any lingering doubts that the obese ginger pig, really is Terri.

MS as piciulica2-25

Watching her desperately try and play it off is cringeworthy. Time to own up now Terri, and maybe start apologising to everybody you have doxxed and insulted with vile taunts over the years.

Just saying!

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

9 Thoughts to “When Theresa Met John: How It All Began”

  1. Anonymous

    that`s not the address from her Voter ID number. HOW did You find this address? It could be the correct one. look >>> i.imgur.com/dxF8HaE.jpg

    1. I didn’t. I’m not one to ever steal somebody’s credit, so as much as i’d love to say i found her, it was an Anon that sends stuff in.

      I don’t know who he/she is, but fair play to them. They have done more successful work in a week than anybody else has done in all the years people have been looking for her.

      For me, the pleasure is in watching her and her cronies still try to deny that she’s been found lolol.

  2. Anonymous

    1 week ? It only took me 2 hours to find her 🙂 I was just bored, went to her twitter account and saw “TERRI & JOHN” WFT ? then I googled everything with “michellestacy” and found the other links.

    1. Haha, sorry, my apologies. Well done anyway, whoever you are. I know there are many people that are now happy that the pig will no longer be trolling/doxxing anyone again.

      Well done 🙂

  3. Anonymous


  4. Terris_Sweaty_tits

    Lol, holy shit, the vile cunt has been well and truly owned. That is a nice concise collection of proof right there, there is no way the pig can deny any of it.

    I bet you feel really shitty now, eh, Terri?

    1. Notice how she’s gone from spending 18 hours a day on the blog and casts, to about 30 minutes a day? I think she’s trying to move asap.

      But whatever the reason, she wont be showing any more corpses the sick bitch 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    wrong addy, theresa has her apt. blurred out

  6. Yes you are correct. Well, kind of. Yes, she had Google blur out her apartment from Street view, but what Ms Martinez didn’t take into account, are photo’s taken by letting agencies, hence why you can see her apt above 🙂

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