Theresa Martinez: Why I Haven’t Been Around Lately

The Pig has been notably absent online since her real identity was revealed, but her desperate, comical denials are still as hilarious as ever.

Here she is in Scuttlebutts chat, trying to explain why she’s gone from being online 18 hours a day, to 10 minutes a week.

MS lying about repo business

Huh? How long has she claimed to have the two businesses going? Yet, now, she’s saying she’s trying to get the Repo one up and running?

But the next one is a classic MS/Pig fuck up.

So she’s not been online because she’s been working hard at getting the Repo business of the ground. And she’s been doing all this hard work, while away on a gambling cruise?


That ranks alongside her ” oh, i know where they’ve got the name Theresa from. I was watching a programme on tv and wanted a shout out, so i gave the name Theresa” and her ” i talk to the Police everyday, and they tell me who’s been swatted” embarrassing lies.

Well done Piggy!

Gummo on MS 2

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

5 Thoughts to “Theresa Martinez: Why I Haven’t Been Around Lately”

  1. Dave

    It’s sad when you can’t even keep your lies straight. I remember back in 2012 when I joined vaughnlive, she would go around saying her hubby was a multimillionaire and they were out on their yacht at a certain time the day before, a time we saw her casting. Then she says she isn’t married the day after, only engaged.

  2. Good god, looking at that pic makes you realise how fucking ugly she is.

  3. Anon

    Karl i think you are secretly in love with her lol

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