Bradders Gets Hacked (Updated)

It appears that poor Bradders is the latest victim of the cast hijacking. Remember the great SexyChris hijack that Mark Gronan did?

Well this time, it was James Anderson taking over Bradders VaughnLive channel:

Bradders gets hacked4

Bradders gets hacked1

Bradders gets hacked2

Bradders gets hacked3

Poor Bradders! His channel has been converted in to a Nazi Memorial now, thanks to James.

But Brad’s not bothered, he’s took the ‘f*ck it, you can have the channel’ attitude, and announced he’s quit casting anyway.

Bradders gets hacked

Now i don’t know if he was genuinely hacked, or he/someone gave out his stream key, but if it was a hack, it’s more proof that people need to update their passwords, not just on VL, but everywhere online.

I never use a password that’s less than 30 characters for important sites, and if you mix it with caps, numbers and symbols, there is virtually no chance of anyone ever cracking it.


Bradders Ivlog Channel Was Next

Talking earlier about passwords, it seems Bradley has been naive and used the same password across all Social Casting sites.

Much to James Anderson’s joy.


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4 Thoughts to “Bradders Gets Hacked (Updated)”

  1. Dave

    it’s not a hack when someone discovers your login details. A hack would be circumventing the login and going in through a backdoor. Idiot probably gave his password out or had someone remote in.

  2. Dave

    now JamesAnderson is on bradders ivlog channel doing the same thing

  3. Yeah i know, been watching 🙂

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